Weighted Blanket - Final Sale

Introducing our innovative weighted blanket made from the same material as spacesuits - designed to offer both warmth and coolness for a soothing and restful sleep. The plush and cozy fabric on one side provides the perfect snuggle experience, while the silky-smooth side offers a refreshing and cool twist. This blanket is practical and luxurious with a removable cover that can be easily washed in the machine. Experience the ultimate comfort and relaxation with our unique weighted blanket.

Final Sale Items are not eligible for return, exchange, or the 60-night trial period. 

- Plush fabric on one side, smooth cooling fabric on the other

- Proprietary Outlast® lining fabric for maximum heat management and added comfort

- 18 pounds for just the right amount of comforting weight.

- Removable outer cover–just unzip the cover and throw it in the wash.

- Ties and loops hold the insert in place.

- Oeko-Tex Standard Certified Technology

- 180 gsm 100% polyester brushed microfiber on one side

- 300 thread count 100% cotton on one side

- 100% polyester non-woven lining fabric with Outlast® Technology coating

- 3 oz 100% polyester fiberfill

- 90 gsm 100% poly batting fill with 15lbs of silica gel beads

- Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified Technology

Basic Care:
Hand wash with cold water using a pH neutral liquid detergent and/or fabric softener. Line dry. Do not tumble dry or iron. Please note washing the Weighted Blanket insert in your home washer & dryer this can cause damage to both the product and your machines.

Pro Tip: Wash the outer cover by removing the insert and washing the outer cover in your washer.

One Size - 48” x 72”
Weight - 18lbs

This is a “Final Sale” product and may not be returned or exchanged. 'Final Sale" items are also ineligible for any additional promo code discount or future price match requests.

Why You'll Love It:

A weighted blanket you can sleep with all night without overheating.
Innovative Comfort

Traditional weighted blankets create heat build up and warm micro-climates in your bed, that's why we've incorporated NASA-engineered Outlast® into the Weighted Blanket. The Outlast® technology absorbs and stores your excess heat so you can stay cool under the comforting weight.

Versatile Design

Choose from two comforting fabrics which you want to sleep closest to. On one side the plush fabric provides cozy comfort, and on the other the silky smooth fabric adds a cooler touch.

Convient Care

Traditional weighted blankets are hard to clean, that's why we've designed this with an outer cover that can be removed from the weighted insert so that the cover can be washed in your home washer and dryer.

Note: The weighted insert cannot be washed in your home washer or dryer.

Innovative Comfort
Versatile Design
Convient Care

Why It's Different

Most companies that claim to have cooling, sweat-wicking bedding only attempt to manage temperature once you've already become uncomfortable. Slumber Cloud is doing something different.

Slumber Cloud Bedding utilizes Outlast® technology for a proactive, not reactive, approach to temperature regulation. Outlast® technology regulates heat to stop moisture from developing in the first place, instead of attempting to wick away sweat that has already developed.

Not too hot…not too cool…just right.


Outlast® technology is made of a unique material that can absorb, store and release excess heat. As an individual’s skin temperature increases, the technology will absorb that excess heat to help reduce overheating. The material will store the excess heat until the skin temperature begins to drop. When this occurs, the stored heat is released back to the individual to prevent chill. By managing the build-up of heat and moisture under the covers, Outlast® technology helps keep you at a comfortable temperature so you sleep “just right.”

The weighted blanket is approximately 2'' thick.

Slumber Cloud products are designed to help manage heat and humidity build up. It is not an air conditioner with a set temperature degree, but it will react to your temperature all night long to reduce heat build up and manage temperature swings.

Yes! The basis of the technology was originally founded and used by NASA. It even holds a Certified Space Technology Foundation seal of approval!