UltraCool Comforter

Introducing the UltraCool Comforter, the perfect solution for a comfortable and cool night's sleep. Our comforter features an outer fabric made of cooling nylon and spandex, which not only gives it a softer-than-silk feel but also actively cools you down. The NASA-engineered temperature regulation fiberfill inside automatically adjusts to any fluctuations in temperature, ensuring you remain at the perfect temperature all year long. At the weight of a traditional comforter, it's the ideal choice for year-round use. Say goodbye to restless nights caused by overheating and hello to the UltraCool Comforter, the ultimate in temperature regulation and comfort.

- Luxuriously silky soft and stretchy cooling nylon cover fabric

- Hypoallergenic, patented ClimaDry™ by Outlast fiberfill provides a down-like feel while regulating heat and moisture as you sleep

- Corner loops keep it in place if used as an insert inside a duvet cover

- Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified Technology

- At the weight of a traditional comforter, it's the ideal choice for year-round use.

- 155 gsm 89% Cooling Nylon 11% Spandex Jersey outer cover

- 50% Outlast® ClimaDry polyester fiberfill / 50% polyester fiberfill

- 300 gsm fill weight

- 12" framed quilt boxing

Basic Care:
Machine wash cold water on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent and with like colors only. Do not use fabric softener. Only use non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry low heat until completely dry. Remove from dryer immediately. Do not dry clean. Do not iron.

Pro Tip:
Wash this every 1-3 months. Reduce wrinkles by removing this from the dryer immediately.

Twin / Twin XL - 76" x 86"
Full / Queen - 90" x 98"
King / Cal-King - 108" x 98"

*For Cal-King mattresses simply rotate the comforter 90º

All U.S. orders are shipped right to your door, free of charge.

Sleep on it, wash it, and really put it to the test for 60 nights! If you don’t love your new bedding, just return it for a full refund. No questions asked!

Why You'll Love It:

A three-season comforter that can be used all year long.
NASA-Engineered Comfort

The patented ClimaDry™ by Outlast fiberfill proactively regulates heat and moisture by absorbing, storing, and releasing heat.

Lab Proven Results

Lab tests show this has one of the highest Qmax values on the market (the higher the Qmax value the bigger the coolness feeling) - better than cotton, bamboo, silk, and lyocell.

Silky Soft Comfort

Featuring an 89% cooling nylon and 11% outer cover, the UltraCool Comforter mimics the feeling of silk creating a silky smooth and soft to the touch hand-feel.

NASA-Engineered Comfort
Lab Proven Results
Silky Soft Comfort

Why It's Different

Most companies that claim to have cooling, sweat-wicking bedding only attempt to manage temperature once you've already become uncomfortable. Slumber Cloud is doing something different.

Slumber Cloud Bedding utilizes Outlast® technology for a proactive, not reactive, approach to temperature regulation. Outlast® technology regulates heat to stop moisture from developing in the first place, instead of attempting to wick away sweat that has already developed.

Not too hot…not too cool…just right.


The UltraCool Comforter uses a premium outer cover fabric meaning pairing the UltraCool Comforter with a duvet cover is not necessary for temperature-regulation performance.

If you would prefer to use a duvet cover with the UltraCool Comforter it will regulate your temperature even when placed inside a duvet cover.

Definitely! When you sleep hot but your partner sleeps cold we refer to this as being “thermally incompatible”. Our bedding is designed to automatically adjust to each sleeper’s ideal sleep temperature. With the unique ability to react to each sleeper's temperature independently, our bedding ensures that both you and your partner will sleep comfortably all night long.

Although all three comforter options are designed to help you sleep cooler and more comfortable, it's important to choose the version that best suits your sleeping needs. Below is a quick overview of each option to help you in this decision making:

UltraCool Comforter: A more traditional weight, the UltraCool Comforter pairs Outlast® temperature-regulation fiberfill with silky smooth outer fabric that is made of cooling nylon and spandex. The UltraCool Comforter is designed with 300 gsm fill weight – that of a traditional 3-season comforter but without the traditional heat build up. This comforter is the ideal choice for year-round use.

Lightweight Comforter: Our most popular comforter, the Lightweight Comforter uses Outlast® temperature-regulation fiberfill to regulate heat and humidity build up. Our thinnest option, this is best suited for "hot" sleepers who still want a little bit of weight on top of them.

Comforter: A twist on a classic comforter, this 3-season Comforter uses Outlast® temperature-regulation fiberfill to regulate heat and humidity build up. With a higher fillweight than the Lightweight Comforter the Comforter is ideal for those who need more of a 3-season weight or who prefer a bit more loft.

Yes, the UltraCool Comforter comes with cover loops.