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Nacreous Mattress Pad

Pronounced [nay-kre-uhs]
A better night's sleep starts here. Go light-years beyond traditional bedding with the highest performing cooling mattress pad on the market. The Nacreous Mattress Pad is engineered with two layers of NASA-developed Outlast® temperature regulating technology for out of this world comfort. Built for spacesuits but optimized for your bed, Outlast® technology automatically absorbs heat when you are too hot and releases heat back when you are too cold, helping you make the most of your sleep. You'll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever your day has in store.
  • Features the most advanced Gold+ Comfort Rating
  • 40% NASA-inspired Outlast® viscose / 60% cotton top fabric for unparalleled temperature regulation
  • Proprietary Outlast® lining fabric for maximum heat management and added comfort
  • Fits any mattress up to 20" deep
  • Designed to be used underneath your fitted sheet
  • Hypoallergenic and easy-care – just throw it in the washing machine

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Outlast Technology

NASA Technology You Can Feel

As soon as you climb into bed you’ll feel that technology and peak performance were at the forefront when designing the Nacreous Mattress Pad. It all starts with a lining fabric sewn into the pad that has been heavily coated with space aged Outlast® technology. To ensure it helps even the hottest of sleepers stay cool and comfortable all night long, we integrated an extra loading of Outlast® technology into the top cover for maximum heat absorption.

The main component to the Slumber Cloud sleep system, dual layers of Outlast® technology means you’ll get better night’s sleep by keeping you and your mattress at the perfect sleeping temperature.

Out of this world comfort

Truly born from space, Slumber Cloud bedding is infused with the same temperature regulating technology NASA astronauts used in their spacesuits. This patented technology, called Outlast® technology, is made up of thousands of microscopic “beads” called Thermocules™. Each individual bead is set to a specific temperature to counter any temperature fluctuations you might experience during the night. As your temperature increases, the beads absorb and store any excess heat away from your body to keep you cool. If your temperature drops, the beads release the stored heat back to you to keep you at the perfect temperature. The end result is a better night’s sleep with bedding that helps you sleep more comfortably, sweat less, and wake up feeling refreshed.

Outlast Space certified


Cools Hot Sleepers

It’s just plain frustrating to keep waking up night after night, soaked with sweat and unable to get back to sleep. Many people of all ages and body types suffer from night sweats. Outlast® technology keeps you at the most comfortable temperature throughout the night… so you sleep cooler and more comfortably.

Helps With Hot Beds

Love your bed, but not all the heat buildup? Although they can reduce pressure points, beds with memory foam often get uncomfortably hot. Outlast® technology helps prevent the heat from your mattress from building up. You'll still enjoy the comfort of your mattress but without that hot, sweaty feeling.

Controls Humidity

When humidity develops in your bedding, your body sweats raising the humidity even higher. This causes you to wake up and push the covers off to "release" the humidity. Later you wake up again, this time too cold without the covers. Outlast® technology mitigates heat and humidity so there's no more pushing and pulling at the covers.

Designed With You In Mind

Tailored for your bed, the Nacreous Mattress Pad is designed with one goal in mind, to reduce heat and moisture buildup for a better night's sleep. With the unique ability to react to each sleeper's temperature independently, both you and your partner will sleep at the perfect temperature all night long.

Not just for hot sleepers, it’s also engineered to cool down hot mattresses. A small amount of polyester fiberfill padding allows for greater airflow to help heat escape from underneath you while keeping the same feel of your mattress. You'll still enjoy the comfort of your mattress but without that hot, sweaty feeling.

Thoughtful Details

It doesn’t stop at the cooling technology. It’s the little things that make the Nacreous Mattress Pad the best cooling mattress pad on the market. Period.

Stays in place

Stays In Place

With a unique elastic skirting and a 360-degree grip, it perfectly hugs any mattress as short as 5’’ and up to 20”.



A small amount of polyester fiberfill allows for air to flow and heat to escape

Easy care

Easy care

When it’s time to freshen up your mattress pad, simply throw it in your home washer and dryer and follow the care instructions on the tag.

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Stratus Sheet Set

Stratus Sheet Set

From $139.00
More than thread count, we made our sheets with threads that count. Soft, cool, and perfectly weighted, these sheets are the ideal blend between the softness and durability of cotton and the unique temperature regulation of Outlast® fibers to help you get the most comfortable night's sleep possible.
Cumulus Comforter

Cumulus Comforter

From $139.00
Born from space, this comforter automatically absorbs, stores, and releases heat as the temperature under your covers changes. It fights off the one thing that makes you sweat at night - humidity. You can finally stop pushing and pulling the covers on and off all night trying to find the perfect temperature.
Nacreous Cooling Pillow Cover

Nacreous Pillow Cover

From $69.00
Our best seller, this set of 2 pillow covers zip over your pillows to automatically adapt to temperature changes for cool comfort throughout the night. These state-of-the-art pillow covers incorporate dual layers of Outlast® temperature regulating fabric so you are always sleeping on the cool side.
Cirrus Pillow

Cirrus Pillow

From $49.00 Regular Price $49.00
With NASA-inspired technology built right into the Cirrus Pillow, there's no more flipping to the "cool side". A cooling fabric shell infused with patented Outlast® technology combats heat while your choice of luxury core fibers provide the perfect amount of support for any sleeping position.

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