Free & Clear Laundry Detergent Pods - 100 Count

Gentle on your skin as well as your sheets, our unscented natural laundry detergent pods are the safest and easiest way to clean and refresh your bedding. No scents, dyes, enzymes or chlorine means no worries for your sensitive skin and no compromises when it comes to clean bedding.

- Fragrance Free, Dye Free, Enzyme Free, & Chlorine Free

- Plant-based enzymes

- Gentle on skin

- Compatible with all washers including HE/High Efficiency

- Made in the USA

Alcohols, C12-16, ethoxylated (surfactant), glycerin (processing aid)*, water (solvent), alkyl glucoside (surfactant), tetrasodium glutamate diacetate (chelator), lauramine oxide (surfactant), subtilisin (enzyme), amylase (enzyme), lipase (enzyme), pectate lyase (enzyme), mannanase (enzyme), citric acid (pH adjuster)*, phenoxyethanol§, polyvinyl alcohol (synthetic water soluble film with bittering agent). *Denotes plant or mineral origin. §Denotes component of enzyme blend.

1 pod = 1 load

Basic Instructions:
First, toss pod into the washer drum. Then, add your armful of laundry. Next, choose your wash cycle. Our powerful little pod will take care of the rest. We promise. (That’s why we have a risk-free trial.)

Pro Tip:
For best results: use dry hands and don't overfill your machine.

All U.S. orders are shipped right to your door, free of charge.

Sleep on it, wash it, and really put it to the test for two whole months! If you don’t love your new bedding, just return it for a full refund. No questions asked!


Yes, our pods are formulated for all temperatures: hot, warm, and energy-saving cold water.

Yes, they are compatible with all machines: HE/high efficiency, standard, front loaders, and top loaders.

Yes, our pods are designed to work in both hard and soft water systems.

Two (2) years.