Earn More From Every Stay With Slumber Cloud

Upgrade your rental with the world’s most advanced bedding, and earn a 10% commission from every guest who orders from us.
Apply to become an Affiliate.

Apply to become an Affiliate.

We’ll outfit your rental with Slumber Cloud’s temperature-regulating bedding to keep your guests’ sleep sweet and their mornings pleasant.

Offer Your Guests 15% Off Slumber Cloud.

Offer Your Guests 15% Off Slumber Cloud.

Display your unique discount code on bedside placards, guest books, follow-up emails, and social media for your guests to use.

Earn 10% Commission On Every Order.

Earn 10% Commission On Every Order.

When your guests use your code, you’ll earn a 10% commission on their total cart value.

The Slumber Cloud Difference

Your bedding may claim to regulate your temperature. More likely, it only cools you off when you are sweating and uncomfortable. Slumber Cloud bedding absorbs your body heat when you tuck in and then monitors and adjusts your temperature to keep you comfortable and asleep. Sounds like magic, but it’s actually just technology invented for NASA.

Now, you can offer it to your guests. (Can you say 5-star reviews?)

Dreamy Benefits

Free Comforter & Mattress Pad

Free Comforter & Mattress Pad

We’ll get you started with a FREE gently used comforter and mattress pad. The ONLY thing you’re responsible for is the $20 shipping cost.
Exclusive Affiliate Pricing

Exclusive Affiliate Pricing

Interested in decking out your whole place? Unlock wholesale pricing on new and gently used bedding, starting at just $20.

Horseshoe Holler Boosted Their Revenue By $250+/Month


Averaging over $250 a month in affiliate payouts since launching in July 2020


1 in 5 reviews mentions how comfortable the bed is since launching

“The bed was incredibly comfortable, sheets were AMAZING.”

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