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Imagine your bedding doing more than reacting to your body.

Keeping you cool before you’re hot. Keeping you from ever sweating in the first place.


Performance bedding designed specifically for unsatisfied sleepers.

While other bedding brands claim to offer "cooling" technologies, we're the only to use Outlast® Technology developed by NASA to proactively keep you cool all night long (and we have the science to prove it).

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60 night risk free trial.

Sleep on it, wash it, and put it to the test for 60 days! If you don’t love your new bedding, just return it (free of charge) for a full refund. No questions asked!

"It's a great pick for couples who may struggle with finding sleep products that address individual temperature needs."

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We founded Slumber Cloud in 2013 because we noticed too many things holding us back from a great night’s sleep: overheating, sweating, freezing, and just being uncomfortable. So we partnered with sleep technology innovators to make high-tech products that are highly affordable.