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Sleep on it, wash it, and put it to the test for 60 days! If you don’t love your new bedding, just return it (free of charge) for a full refund. No questions asked!

"It's a great pick for couples who may struggle with finding sleep products that address individual temperature needs."

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"Best mattress pad ever!"

"Best mattress pad ever! I've tried other "stay cool" mattress pads, but never had any luck. This is amazing! I sleep much better and cooler. I highly recommend this one!"


Verified Customer

"My home away from home and the comfiest coolest down blanket from @slumbercloud"


Essential Sheet Set

"For years I would sweat through the night while my wife was always chilly. We can now sleep closer together, stay dry and comfortable."

Matt V.

Verified Customer

"Not too hot, not too cold—this temperature-regulating bedding will keep you comfortable all night long."

"Wonderful Sheets"

"Wonderful sheets, so comfortable and keeps me cool, best I have ever had. I will absolutely buy more."

Christann M.

Verified Customer


"Skeptical but proven wrong"

"Skeptical but proven wrong. I was skeptical about this comforter, however it is great. Lightweight but warm. Really helps if you tend to sweat all night."


Verified Customer

"In love with our new sheets from @slumbercloud!! SO SOFT. 🙏"


"So soft and silk"

This is the best blanket I've ever owned. At first since it's so lightweight, I wondered if it would keep me warm. It works so well. It's so soft and silky.

Linda B.

Verified Customer

"You know how much our family loves all things NASA and space!" -@champagneandmacaroons

"Actually keeps my head COOL!!!!"

Just the right fit for me. Very comfortable support and YES it actually keeps my head COOL!!!! So cool!"

Kathleen C.

Verified Customer

"SlumberCloud has a whole lineup of advanced foundational layers for your bed. ☁️"


"I'm a total convert now"

By golly it works. I was a huge skeptic of the 'NASA cooling fabric' but the elves at Slumber Cloud fooled me! I'm a total convert now.

Eric P.

Verified Customer

"Never to hot or to cold it’s like a little personal magician!"


"Nothing but awesome!"

Nothing but awesome! This is the best sleepwear! Lightweight and keeps you at the perfect temp.

Bradley M.

Verified Customer

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We founded Slumber Cloud in 2013 because we noticed too many things holding us back from a great night’s sleep: overheating, sweating, freezing, and just being uncomfortable. So we partnered with sleep technology innovators to make high-tech products that are highly affordable.