If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me for my opinion on the best “cooling bedding” for a better night’s rest, I’d be able to buy you all a beverage. So, I’m going to make my opinion public on what my Top 5 products are.


Before I get started, I want to remind people that these products aren’t air conditioners, these products use a technology that helps you balance temperature swings so you get a more restful night of sleep. Remember these are my opinions and are listed in order from my favorite on down. I’ve also decided to rate each product on their cooling abilities and the additional comfort they provide.


Cirriform Mattress Pad

This is what I sleep on and we love it. I’m going to be honest, the Nacreous mattress pad is beautiful, soft and has a nice cool feel too, but I’m a money saver and the Cirriform pad does the job for me. (See what the difference between the Nacreous and Cirriform pad) It has the cooling feel, balances my temperature and fits our thick mattress.

  • Cooling Abilities 87%
  • Added Comfort 96%


Pileus Pillow Covers

Cooling pillows are all the rage but I’m a tad bit obsessed with my down pillow. It’s comfortable, I love it and I don’t want to give it up for a standard fill pillow. My solution, add the Pileus pillow covers over my favorite pillow. Bonus: You get two covers in a set, which means your partner can also have one (or keep them both for you). Just make sure you know the size of your pillows before you logon to order.

  • Cooling Abilities 90%
  • Added Comfort 82%


Cumulus Lightweight Duvet

I love the weight of a blanket even in the summer. I use to get overheated, but since getting this product my nights have been bliss. I get the weight but I don’t have to kick a leg out every half hour from getting overheated. The technology in this product (and most of our bedding products) helps balance temperature swings. NOTE: We call it lightweight but it does have substantial weight to it. It is just thinner than your standard comforter (duvet is a fancy word for a comforter if you ask me).

  • Cooling Abilities 83%
  • Added Comfort 94%



Although these sheets are a 350 thread count sheet, they feel as soft and luxurious as many 800+ threadcount sheets. I’ve paired this with my Cirriform Mattress Pad, and I absolutely love my bed! Every time I crawl into bed, I am surprised at how cool and comfortable it is. They truly were the perfect addition to my bed.

  • Cooling Abilities 65%
  • Added Comfort 95%


Stratus Wool Blanket

I prefer this blanket while I’m watching a movie or cuddling up to read a book on the couch. It comes in beautiful colors and has the ability to absorb excess heat so I don’t get too hot, and then it releases some heat so I don’t get too cold. Technology is cool.

  • Cooling Abilities 60%
  • Added Comfort 94%

I hope this list was helpful. Of course, we are always here to answer your questions. Our customer service team is the best (I am biased).