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Lemon Ginger Poppy Oatmeal


December, 2017

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Melissa Eboli owns a healthy cooking and wellness company called Via Melissa. She holds numerous certifications in this space, and is a certified nutritional chef and graduate from The Academy of Culinary Nutrition (2016). She is also a certified nutrition and wellness counselor from AFPA (2009) and a certified personal trainer through Hofstra Universities continuing education program and AAPTE (2009). We welcome Melissa to The Refresh as a recipe consultant and guest columnist!

We teamed up with nutritional chef and personal trainer Melissa Eboli, of, to publish this tasty recipe. Her expertise and delicious recipes are a hit on and offline, and we are happy to bring you one of her easy oatmeal recipes. Check out her Pumpkin Energy Ballz Recipe as well.


As you’ve heard time and time again, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For many of us, we never received an explanation as to why that is though.

While you are sleeping, your body is recovering from the activities and food eaten from the day prior.  When you awake your body is in low blood sugar mode, and because it’s a new day you’re working with a blank canvas.  So how you start the day will set you up for the rest of it.

Would you drive your car on a road trip with the gas guage on “E”?

You wouldn’t get very far if you did, and it’s the same situation with breakfast. Eating a satiating breakfast loaded with fiber, and healthy fats will help to eliminate cravings and crashes. What you eat sets the stage for your blood sugar regulation hours to come. Now that you know that you should eat, the question becomes what to eat?

Some things that are mass marketed as “healthy” breakfast options (but really are not) include traditional muffins and yogurt Parfaits with granola. The Muffins are loaded with unhealthy fats, oils and sugar, and the parfaits are super high in sugar and low in nutrient density.

One of my favorite healthy-alternative breakfasts this time of year is oatmeal. This isn’t just any old oatmeal recipe though. I make mine from scratch, and loaded with flavor. You don’t need a lot of time either, just ingredients on hand and less than 5 minutes of prep while your meal makes itself.

In November I loved making my pumpkin spiced oatmeal recipe. As the weather is cooling off, I’m now using warming ingredients like ginger. This Lemon Ginger Poppy Oatmeal tastes almost like a cookie in a healthy oatmeal bowl. The best part is, it’s super easy to make too!

This nutritious breakfast is loaded with fiber, healthy satiating fats & most important Flavor


  • 1/2 C rolled oats

  • 1 C water

  • 1 tsp honey or maple syrup

  • 1/4 tsp lemon flavoring

  • 1/4 tsp ginger

  • 1 tsp cinnamon

  • 1 tsp poppy seeds


  • 1/4 cup walnuts

  • 1 tbl sp hemp seeds

Lemon Ginger Poppy Oatmeal Ingredients


No time to make this in the AM? No problem!

Add all ingredients to a bowl or mason jar, mix together and place it in the refrigerator before going to bed. Allow the oats to soak overnight, and voila! You have some nutritious raw overnight “cereal” to enjoy cold in the AM.

  • Add all ingredients to a small sauce pan
  • Cook on medium heat
  • When it starts to boil (after 1-2 min) cover and reduce heat to a simmer
  • Cook 5-10 minutes
  • Add to a bowl and place with toppings
  • For additional nutrition add 1/2 sliced banana or a 1/2 cup of your favorite berries


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