DIY Headboard Ideas

A curated list of 7 fantastic headboard designs

Maybe you have a guest room with a basic bed and no headboard. Or maybe you are just in love with weekend DIY Projects. Or maybe you are just tired of lining the edge of your bed with pillows so that you don’t hit your head on the wall *anymore*.

Either way, it’s time to get a headboard. So why not make one?

Sure it takes a little time and effort to find the best DIY headboard option, but what good things don’t take time? I mean, it probably needs to match the decor, and it should probably fit your style, and it most likely needs to be something you are actually capable of doing, but don’t lie: you really enjoy scrolling through these posts and imagining that cool new whatever in your bedroom.

I say you should embrace your scroll happy nature, and enjoy these DIY Headboards from across the internet!

7 DIY Headboard Ideas

DIY Antique Window Headboard

The reason we chose this DIY Headboard post was it’s unique approach. Most people think of their headboard as either a padded surface to lean against to read before they fall asleep or a nice surface to set their nighttime accouterments (glasses, water, cell phone, etc.). But this post shows that a headboard can be just as much about the aesthetic.

By using antique windows that match the room’s decor you can give a rustic feel while framing the sleeping area of the room in a way that seems like it belongs. In fact, this DIY Headboard design can easily be a focal point of a bedroom.

DIY Headboard (Antique Window)

Tufted Pegboard Headboard


We really liked this DIY Headboard design from the staff over at Buzzfeed, because of it’s ease. There are plenty of tufted headboard designs out there on the internet, but most of them are either complicated or just don’t look good. This one strikes a perfect balance. While a $500 tufted suede headboard might be a little sturdier and more refined, this headboard is inexpensive and doesn’t really take much to make. You don’t need woodworking skills or any extremely unique tools to get it done, and in the end you have a headboard that looks just plain fancy.

Bravo Buzzfeed/Nifty team. Bravo.

DIY Headboard (Tufted Pegboard)

DIY Book Headboard

This design was extremely interesting to us because of it’s unique use of old books. While we’re not usually going to promote the abuse of literary works in any way, this caught our eye. Basically, if you find yourself with access to a bunch of hardback books that you’ve already read and are collecting dust, this DIY Headboard design is a great option to make use of them in a way that many wouldn’t think to.

We also like the fact that the headboard is straightforward in its construction. DesignEveryDay doesn’t go into any excess flourishes, but I’m thinking that a few finishing touches, like sanding and painting the plywood backing, would make this DIY Headboard come to life.

DIY Headboard (Book Back)

 Pallet Headboard

Rice Designs

This DIY Headboard is all over the internet. While there are numerous versions of DIY pallet furniture, we went with this one because of it’s effective design and its finished/unfinished charm. After pulling apart the pallets, which can be quite the task, they sanded and finished the boards with stain and a coat of polyurethane. The wood grain and intentionally uneven stacking of the pallet boards gives this headboard a shabby chic aesthetic that we absolutely love.

Finally we picked this specific headboard design because it attaches directly to the bed frame via 2x4s and nuts and bolts. Because of this, the headboard doesn’t need to be mounted on the wall, which is perfect for those who might rearrange their bedroom layout or just don’t like hanging heavy things above their beds.  As a bonus, you can even clip a lamp on the boards for bedtime reading.

DIY Headboard (Pallet)

Floating LED Headboard

One of the coolest designs on the list is this Floating DIY Headboard with built-in edge lighting. Remove and Replace did a really interesting job of re-purposing leftover materials with this project, by taking walnut flooring from a different project, attaching it to an MDF backing and trimming the whole thing with oak. This headboard is hung on the wall using French Cleats, which can be a little difficult if you don’t know your way around a table saw. Finally they created a great ambience with LED light strips just inside the wall hangings.

If you are a pretty handy person and can handle a little improvisation, this DIY Headboard can really be an inspiring starting point.

DIY Headboard (Floating LED)

Easy Fabric Headboard

Young House Love

In terms of ease, this DIY Headboard takes the cake. John and Sherry at Young House Love have created a very easy to follow Upholstered Headboard Tutorial that uses a minimal amount of materials and can look really great. The best part is that everything you need for this can be purchased from an art store. The frame is actually a wooden canvas stretching frame, and the fabric and batting is easily bought at this store as well.

If you need a DIY Headboard that is quick and easy, this is definitely the way to go.

DIY Headboard (Easy Fabric)

DIY Door Headboard

CountryLiving  and

Finally we come to our last DIY Headboard design. This one comes from Country Living, and can be as quick or lengthy of a project as you wish. Repurposing materials is at the heart of many DIY projects, and sometimes that means the end result looks less than perfect, but if you follow the tips in this tutorial you’ll have a sturdy Headboard that will last for years.

Some more creative ideas on this specific project come from with her vintage look and sconce lamp adaptations. The unfinished look her headboard sports gives this design a little extra character. We also really love the idea of painting the door to match your decor, but if the door is solid wood sanding and staining can look even better.

DIY Headboard (Door)

These DIY Headboard ideas are just some of the many great design options out there. What DIY Headboard do you like the best? Have you completed one yourself? Let us know in the comments below.