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Slumber Cloud Testimonials



"I don’t now if this was a fluke or what but I haven’t slept this well in months." - Jessica E.


"I really never leave reviews but this time I had to say something...

1.  Customer service has been amazing from the beginning.
2.  I purchased my mattress pad and pillow covers on Thursday, with free shipping I had them at my door on Saturday afternoon.  I immediately laundered them and got them on my bed.
3.  I have a memory foam mattress topper that I absolutely love but is warm and even in cooler weather I would wake up a little too warm and then later too cold because I kicked the sheet or blanket off.  I slept straight through the night on Saturday!" - Rhonda L. 


"These pillows are really great. The coolness is immediately felt upon laying my head down. There was none of that 'moving around trying to find a cool spot' on these pillows. We used these at our homes in Colorado and Florida, with equal satisfaction. I’m at the age where I’m dealing with hot flashes. These pillows help so much to decrease my waking in the middle of the night. The bonus is that not only are they cool, but the pillow itself is one of the best I’ve slept on." - Donna S.

"The original pillow worked well but was too thick for me. The new smaller sizes are perfect! Combined with a slumber cloud pillow case, this helps with temperature regulation during the night. Excellent customer service, too." - Elizabeth

"Just wanted to let you know that I received the mattress pad and put it on my bed a couple of nights ago. It's great! You've made me a true believer. Now that my bed's so comfortable, I might have to buy another alarm clock. Better yet, maybe I should upholster all my furniture with Outlast...okay, this is getting a little scary. Anyway, thank you for helping me cut down on my sleep deprivation." - Judy L.

"I noticed a difference with the pillow cases, I'd recommend them. The effect wasn't as strong as I expected on first touch but then noticed my head wasn't getting as sweaty. - Andy

"A few years ago I had a temperature regulating mattress pad for my Temper bed and I loved it. After moving to Dubai, I wasn't able to ship it with me however I bought another Temper bed and missed my mattress pad as these beds are notoriously warm due to the memory foam. Last time I was home, I made sure that I left room in my luggage to get another one from Slumber Cloud and I've been very pleased with it here in the warm climate! It truly has made a big difference and I'll never go back to a "normal" mattress pad. Thanks Slumber Cloud." - Chris K.

"Unbelieveable! Finally I can sleep cool. No more flipping pillow for cool surface. This is amazing technology. I can now sleep through the night." - Arlene A.


"I was skeptical as to whether or not these products would work. My wife and I tried out Cumulus Mattress pad and are literally taken back by how well it actually works. I used to wake up in a pool of sweat because of all the duvets my wife requires, and I've been waking up dry (I'm still a bit hot, but not so sweaty). I'm a fan." - Scott


"I just wanted to let you know that the Mattress Pad arrived Friday. I had stripped the bed to wash the bed linens and the mattress pad arrived just as the first sheets were ready to come out of the dryer!! Talk about right on time Anyway, I've slept on it two nights now and I have to tell you, I love it so far!! As the package states..I'm "not too hot, not too cold, but just right"!!! I'm not telling hubby about it, I want to wait and see if he notices the bed is sleeping more comfortable for him. - Kaye D.

"The first night I used Outlast, I noticed an improvement, but after the second it was great sleep. My husband I talked about the Outlast, and he loves it just as much as I do for the fact that he felt the same thing. He sleeps a lot better. I don’t wake too much anymore, and he’s very thankful that we have it. On another note, when I get a good night’s sleep, I feel so much better. I’m more energetic. I’m a much better person for others to be around, and I have a much better day." - Anglie P.