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Experience NASA temperature-regulation bedding with our new Slumber Cloud Tester. Feel our fabric and test our technology—all before you make the big purchase.

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A hands-on fabric comparison. One side is 100% cotton and the other our temperature-regulating fabric.

Simply slide a hand in each side, close your fist, and wait a few seconds.

Feel and experience what makes Slumber Cloud great - before jumping in bed with us!

It’s All In The Fabric

Performance Designed For NASA Spacesuits

We aren’t the only bedding brand to use temperature regulation technology, but we are the only one to use Outlast® Technology. Outlast® Technology- which was actually used in NASA space suits; proactively absorbs, stores, or releases heat when you need it to to help you fall asleep and keep you asleep. It’s fabric designed for spacesuits up where temperatures change by 500 degrees… we think it can handle your bedroom.

Beyond Cool

Known for its cooling, but loved for its hand-feel. Claim your tester to get a taste of Good Housekeeping's Best Bedding Award winning sheets. Once you experience how great the fabric feels, your only regret will be not ordering the whole set right away.


Super soft, light weight, and finally I have found a comforter that does not make me sweat! Best $ I have ever spent! Sonia C.

Thanks for cool sleeping

The sheets and mattress pad are great. No more getting up in the middle of the night hot. I recommend these products. Terri B.

Works as advertised

I was apprehensive about this mattress pad, have been suffering from being a hot sleeper for some time now, never reaching REM sleep.This was heavenly sent because now I sleep through the night and I even started to have dreams again Jamahl C.


This comforter is just what I was hoping it would be - not too warm, but warm enough! Nancy W.

So much hype out there, but their products really work

I bought a blanket from them last summer, and its really the only blanket I can use in hot weather, or even mild weather because I'm a hot sleeper and I tend to get sweaty with other fabrics. It's very well made, it hasn't broken down tho I use it all the time. It adds weight, which I like, but it doesn't add heat. The sheets are great, as well! Angelina O.

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Will I get the $10 back if I purchase a product?

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$10 Store Credit to be used on a future purchase. This item cannot be returned for a refund to the original form of payment. Offer valid 60 days from the date of purchase.