Best Sleep Positions for Couples

(And some not so good ones too)

Whether you are trying to achieve a better night’s sleep with your partner or figure out why you always end up on the floor in the morning, this guide to the best sleep positions for couples will definitely help. Dive into the list to discover some of the most common ways to cuddle with your bed buddy, and maybe a trick or two on covertly stealing the covers.

The Positions

The Spoon

Whether you are the big spoon or little spoon, this is on the most common cuddle positions. While many people love this sleeping position because of its intimacy and comfort level, it is obviously best for those who do well as side-sleepers. Some people can never achieve a restful sleep in this position for a number of reasons.

The big spoon’s arm can either become trapped under the neck/head of their sleeping partner or under their own body. Improper blood flow will undoubtedly lead to nerve damage, and reports of amputation are not uncommon. This is especially true when you are unable (or unwilling) to wake your partner.

The Spoon Sleep Position
Pet Barrier Sleep Position
Pet Barrier

Sleeping with an animal is extremely common these days, and sharing a bed with pets is on the rise too. When trying to give yourself some extra space at night it can often be an easy solution to let your dog or cat do all the work. Just place them in between you and your partner and the magic will begin.

Sharp claws, slobbering mouths and wagging tails will act as deterrents from crossing the halfway line, and if you are lucky your furry friend might even wiggle and push your other sleeping-mate right off the bed. Then you can enjoy the full comfort of sprawled sleeping. (see “The Star” position below)

Edge of Your Bed

Edge of your seat movies are a good thing. Edge of your bed sleeping is not. Whether you are being pushed to the edge of your bed by a pet barrier or bed hog (see below) or you need extra distance from your partner, this isn’t a good look. Of course, this could also just be a sign that you roll around a lot or need to find the edge of the covers to cool down.

If this condition plagues your nightly sleep habits, we recommend bed rails. This ingenious creation isn’t just for children’s beds anymore. For those of you who just can’t seem to find the edge of the bed until it’s far too late, these bed rails will gently force you back into close proximity with your partner.

Who knows, these guard rails may just save your relationship.

Edge of Bed Sleep Position
Entwined Sleep Position

Often called the Honeymoon Position for its popularity among new couples, partners who sleep Entwined are just so cute! The way their arms and legs weave together to make a knotlike pattern is endearing. Of course, these new couples will soon find that facing each other with limbs tangled up in a heap leads to bad sleep.

Entwined sleepers often wake up to their partner’s horrible breath, oven-like body heat, and even unfortunate injury. Many a black eye has occurred because of this couple’s sleeping position, and we can only suggest this for those of you who just can’t get enough of each other (and have a very low health insurance deductible).

Leg’s Embrace

Leg’s Embrace can actually take many forms and this is probably our top pick for the list. Basically as long as the only part of yourself touching your partner is your leg(s), you’ve got this position down cold.

This position is best for couples who either don’t really want to cuddle but want to keep track of their bedmate, or for those who want to cuddle but find it hard to commit to more intimate positions like “The Nuzzle”. In fact, this is often the evolution of the Entwined position, once bad breath or a flurry of nocturnal elbows and fists has caused some cuddle-hesitance.

Leg's Embrace Sleep Position
Back Cuddle Sleep Position
Back Cuddle

For side sleepers who just have to face their alarm clocks, the back cuddle is going to be your best option. It’s simple enough. Simply rolly away from your partner and assume the fetal position (leg pillow optional) and slowly scoot your butt towards your partner. Once touching, you can safely drift off to sleep knowing that your loved one has got your back.

Advanced Back Cuddlers find that the lower back is often the most comfortable nexus, and sometimes get tattoos in this area for better aim.

The Star

The Star is an advanced position that we recommend only for couples who are willing to sacrifice one person’s sleep for the comfort of the other. This position is achieved when one person spreads all limbs out in the shape of a star, pushing their partner to the Edge of the Bed (see above).

Sometimes this position must occur out of necessity, in order to avoid the serious condition Unstable Sleep Syndrome. Those who suffer from Unstable Sleep Syndrome have an unnatural and irrational fear of an unstable sleeping platform and thus spread out like a cat on a floating object at sea. This is a serious condition and should be treated by a medical professional immediately.

The Star Sleep Position
The Nuzzle Sleep Position
The Nuzzle

A pleasant enough sleeping position, The Nuzzle occurs when one sleeping partner (A) rests their head on the other’s (B) shoulder or chest. This position is best performed with Sleeper B on their back with an arm wrapped around Sleeper A.

Where this position normally takes a turn for the worse is when Sleeper B must get up for any reason during the night. A gentle roll off the shoulder can gain momentum leading to collision with the floor or nightstand for Sleeper A.

We recommend Bed Rails for this position as well.

Pillow Nest

Some sleepers need to feel as if they are surrounded by a cloudlike platform throughout the night, so they buy several extra pillows. We’re not talking about a simple case of a pillow for your head and one for between your legs. No, this often takes shape as 6 or more pillows surrounding one person.

The partner without the pillow fetish must either get acquainted with the Edge of the Bed Position mentioned above, or else face the possibility of sinking below the pillow level and suffocating.

If you or your partner suffer from this Pillow Nest position, please seek help immediately.

Pillow Nest Sleep Position

We hope this guide helps you find the best Couple’s Sleep Position for both you and your partner, or at least recognize when something is horribly wrong.

What position do you sleep in? Let us know in the comments below!

Sleep Better

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