Do you have trouble sleeping because you find that your body’s temperature fluctuates from hot to cold during the night? Regulating your temperature during sleep is an important part getting better sleep, which is why Slumber Cloud selected a proactive, patented technology that helps balance your skin temperature throughout the night. There are many reasons why we use Outlast Technology.

It doesn’t just wick your sweat away, it actually helps reduce those ups and downs of temperature to help you reduce sweating.

Pretty cool, right?

So, how does it work?  Here is a brief history of the Outlast® Thermocule™ and how this bedding technology helps manage your thermal regulation.

Outlast Technology

At Slumber Cloud we use Outlast® technology in our products so that you fall asleep faster, and stay asleep, because of the increased level of comfort our bedding provides during the night. Outlast® technology allows the material to absorb the heat your body gives off during sleep, store it, and then release that heat back to the body if you get cold during the night.

How Does Outlast® Technology Work Exactly?

The technology in our bedding begins to work when the body’s microclimate begins to change, or in other words, when the space between your body and your bedding creates either a colder or warmer environment. For instance, when you become overheated in bed, your body will get rid of your excess body heat by sweating, in order to naturally cool you down. Outlast® technology can absorb the excess heat your body is creating and store it in patented microcapsules called “Thermocules™.”

When your body starts to cool down during your sleep, the heat is released from the Thermocules™ back into your body, keeping you have a more stable temperature while you sleep. The result is a regulated and comfortable zone between your skin and bedding that keeps you sound asleep throughout the night.

We Are Proud of Our Products

Slumber Cloud’s mission to improve your night’s sleep is not only recognized by our multitude of satisfied customers, but by the organizations that support the technology in our products. In fact, the Space Foundation recognized Outlast® technology as a Certified Space Technology™. The Thermocules™ in your Outlast bedding will last as long as the bedding itself, giving you the peace of mind of knowing you’ve made an investment in a quality bedding option. Slumber Cloud also has a Comfort Rating system to match your individual needs to the product that’s right for you.

You spend approximately one third of your life sleeping, and that time could be spent in a more comfortable and healthy slumber. Check Slumber Cloud’s Comfort Rating system, to find out what rating is right for your nightly needs and get the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had!


Sleep Well,