Have you every wondered if your bedroom’s color affects your sleep? Check out the top bedroom colors for a good night’s sleep below…

We are in the process of selling our sweet, yet small, 1939 tudor style home to get something with a bit more of a footprint for our growing family. We have looked at approximately 16 homes and it is amazing to see how others live in and decorate their homes. I sometimes felt like a “Peeping Tom” walking through bedrooms, looking into closets and sitting in kitchen imagining our kids growing up there.

When you do this, you REALLY have to look past a lot of things and paint color is one of them. We have seen orange rooms, red rooms, purple rooms, green rooms and a LOT of beige… and that’s just in bedrooms! Don’t get me started on paint selections for some people’s living rooms. WOW!

Anyway, when trying to imagine how we would paint over these colors it reminded me of an article I’d stumbled across about the best bedroom colors for sleep. According to the article, if you want 7.5+ hours of sleep per night on average, blue was number one color with 7 hours and 52 minutes. It was followed closely by yellow, green, and silver. Compare those averages to purple rooms which only averaged 5 hours and 56 minutes (not even 6 hours per night on average!).

What is your bedroom color? Ddo you agree with the graph from Men’s Health?

Sleep well and I’ll let you know when we find a new casa and what color we select for the room. I wonder what this study did about people with wallpaper? Hmmmm…

All the best,