I don’t know about you but I still believe in becoming “unplugged” while on vacation. So, in case you were wondering why I didn’t post last week, this is why. I turned off the work emails, turned off the cell phone and we hopped on a plane for some rest and relaxation (if that’s what you want to call it when you visit family).

Here are a few tips that I’ve learned along the way to help get a good night’s sleep while away from home.  I hope they are helpful for you too.

  1. Make sure you don’t forget any essential sleep amenities. Especially for children, make sure they have their favorite blanket or stuffed animal to ensure it’s as close to a normal sleep experience as possible, etc.  For adults this could be a 
    Slumber Cloud - 8 Ways To Survive Your Sleep Arrangements This Summer
    sleep mask or having bringing along your favorite tea for your evening ritual.    (see picture of one of my boys asleep on the plane with his favorite “baby”)
  2. Anticipate the time change for trips by getting up and going to bed earlier several days prior to an eastward trip and later for a westward trip.
  3. Change your watch to the destination time zone before boarding the plane.
  4. Make sure to pack earplugs if you’re sleeping with a noisy sleeper.
  5. Ask if you could avoid a room near the elevator or the ice machine if you’re staying in a hotel. These areas seem to be the noisiest
  6. Slumber Cloud - 8 Ways To Survive Your Sleep Arrangements This Summer
    Check your for potential sleep disturbances
    that may be avoided once you get to your room; e.g., light shining through the curtains, a ultra bright clock, unwanted in-room noise, etc.   -A HUGE trick I’ve learned for excess light through closed curtains is to take the hangers with the clamps (typically used to hold pants or skirts) from the closet and secure the curtains together.  VOILA, no more sunlight creeping in.  It isn’t pretty but you sleep better.
  7. Set the thermostat and make sure it is at the optimum sleep temp of 65 -67. For some reason, hotel heaters and air conditioners have a mind of there own.
  8. If you’re not a morning person (or someone you’re travel with isn’t a morning person), try to plan your vacation activities accordingly. Example: Don’t schedule a 5:00am (EST) horseback ride if you’re from the West coast (PST) and know you’re going to be grumpy from lack of sleep.

There are so many fun things to experience while away from home.  Be well rested so you can go explore, engage and have a blast while on your vacation. 

All the best,