Still not sleeping well?  Have you ever tried sound machines, self hypnosis, sleep trackers or sleep yoga?  With these 5 free sleep apps, now is your chance to try one or all of them out.

Here are my top 5 pics for Sleep Apps for you to try.  Please note, my  criteria was that they were free, available on both Android and Iphone  (sorry, I only gave a link for iphone) and had at least a  4 star rating.  So without further ado, here is my list:

Sleep Pillow:

This app is my favorite. It is on all of our devices so when traveling we can drown out outside noises and our kiddos (and us) get a more restful sleep.  I love the mild thunderstorm sound the best.  My kids seem to sleep best with the waterfall.  No matter what you have something for everyone.  A crackling fire, crickets, heartbeat, etc.  I give this one a personal 5 stars. Click here to learn more.

Relax & Sleep by Glenn Arnold

Relax and Sleep Well’ is a high quality hypnosis recording by the UK’s best selling self-help audio author Glenn Harrold. This app states that you will alleviate stress and anxiety and sleep well at night.  I tried it and I have to say, I did feel relaxed. Click here to learn more.

Sleep Bot:

Tracks your movements and has a smart alarm so you won’t oversleep and be late in the morning.  The cool feature on this app is that it has a built in sleep debt log.  It will learn your habits and show you how much sleep you’re losing each night.  Either from not going to bed at decent hour or you’re restless when you are suppost to be sleeping.    It could help you pinpoint what is triggering your restless nights. Click here to learn more.

Relax Melodies

Another top rated white noise  for yoga, mediation and helping to calm before bed. Click here to learn more.

Sleep Time

Smart alarm clock that analyze your sleep and wakes you up at the perfect moment of your lightest sleep phase. Wake up feeling refreshed.

Also featured on TechCrunch, Lifehacker, Mashable, and 148apps. Click here to learn more.


Enjoy  your free apps and Sleep Well.