With Father’s day just around the corner I wanted to give you a great list of 10 gift ideas that 1) he’ll love, and 2) make you look like a gift giving goddess.  To do that I’ve scoured the internet, put on my listening ears and found unique gifts that he is sure to remember.  No Ties or #1 Dad coffee mugs on this list.

Without much further ado, here you go:

1.  A Man Crate:  What is a Man crate you ask?  Well, it’s the perfect gift all wrapped up in a real wooden crate.    This site has something for every type of dad and I’m not even joking.  The golfer, the bacon addict, the beer lover, sports lover, the whiskey connoisseur, the 80s gamer and even the survivalist dad.  Oh and did I mention they really show up in a crate?  What guy wouldn’t like to open up his gift with a crow bar…  Yes, a CROW BAR (which comes included)!  I just ordered my husband the Grille Master crate (from the boys) and a golfer crate for my dad.  I just hope the boys don’t get ahold of the crowbar after it is opened. ($39-$180, Mancrates.com)

I could just stop right here and say, ‘you’re welcome!” but since I promised you 10, I’ll give you 9 other ideas.  Don’t worry, they are all SUPER great too.

2. The Perfect Shave:  This California based company delivers a cost-effective and a convenient alternative to brand name razors.   You just select the razors you want, pay a low monthly fee and every month he will get a box to keep him clean shaven and his wallet fatter. If anything else, just watch their promotional video to have a good giggle.  ($1-18/month,  Dollarshaveclub.com)

3. A Carnivore’s Dream: When vetting my list, I asked a few Dad friends and the following words came up frequently:  BBQ, steak, grill, food.    So, here is a link to have delicious meat delivered right to their door.  The possibilities are endless.  you can order 4 (6oz Top Sirloins) or a whole family pack that includes filet mignon, hamburgers, hotdogs, and baked potatoes.  DROOL!  Oh and there are seafood items for those non-red meat eaters. ($34.99-$200, Omahasteaks.com)

4.  A Cool Toolbox: Update the old toolbox he’s  been using for years with something to brighten up the garage and organize the tool disaster that has taken over the workbench.  ($89-$500, Sears.com)



5.  A Car Detail: Get his ride cleaned out and shine up at your local detail shop or you can buy a gift card to his local car wash.  All men seem to like a clean car.  There are even mobile services that will come to him at his office or home.  ($90-200, contact your local detail shop)


Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 10.14.50 AM

6.  A Heartfelt Picture: Either replace his screensaver or print out your favorite picture of you and your dad , your dad and his father or your children and their father.  Select a frame in his favorite color and voila!!  A thoughtful gift that can be cherished for years to come.  ($0-$? depending on frame)


7.   His Favorite Shows NOW: Amazon Fire is perfect if your dad likes watching what he wants, when he wants.  This small, easy, and well-designed set-top box allows him to stream everything from the latest blockbuster to his favorite TV series and games.  ($99, Amazon.com)


8. Six Pack Biking Safety: His bike is sure to impress when it shows up to the party with six of your favorite brews, sodas or juices, kept safe in this pack,. It secures the two sides of the pack together underneath the crossbar and funky, bright orange dividers that keep your bike and its precious cargo secure in transit. No more juggling oversized wire baskets or balancing bags on handlebars. ($69, Uncommongoods.com)

9. A Personalized Bottle: If he has a favorite drink then this site can make a custom label that looks like the original.  He’ll have to take a second look to realize it says his name (or whatever message you want to express) ($65-$200 echingexpressions.com)



BONUS: The Gift of Sleep: A set of pillow covers so he  can always sleep on the cool side of the pillow ($49, slumbercloud.com)  Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.




I hope you’ve found this useful.  Whatever you do just be sure to tell that special man in your life how much you appreciate and love him.

All the best,