In our month long series I have been reading blogs from different people that write on the subject of breast cancer. I have enjoyed the enlightenment they have all given me and the resources they provide to those in need of a good laugh, a good cry, some inside information on how drugs have worked for them, family life and to help you or family member cope with feelings. Here is a quick list of the Top 10 Breast Cancer Blogs, in my humble opinion.

The Perks of Having Cancer!

The Perks of Having Cancer! seemed a bit odd to me and contradictory, but Florence seems to find her silver linings even in the darkest of clouds.  Starting the blog to lift her own spirits during her treatments, she quickly became an inspiration to others along the way. She truly has a way to make you giggle while reading her blog.

The Battle We Didn’t Choose

After losing his wife Jennifer to breast cancer in 2011, Angelo Merendino honors her this blog, raising funds and awareness for early detection.  This heartwarming  blog, The Battle We Didn’t Chooseand his book of the same name, is filled with beautiful photos of Jennifer’s life before, during and after treatment began.

One Wig Stand

One Wig Stand represents one of the more amazing stories in the international breast cancer community. What started as a blog aimed at educating and supporting breast cancer patients in Lebanon has become something much more.One Wig Stand is now an organization that holds hair donation events to help make wigs for patients. They also help women find locally produced and affordable mastectomy bras and other products and services.

But Doctor I Hate Pink

Sharing her fears, feelings and sadness, Ann Silberman approaches her life with stage IV breast cancer with a  sense of humor you cannot deny.Her hilarious and deeply moving post about herself and other patients give a deep perspective on what it’s like to be diagnosed But Doctor I Hate Pink.

My Fabulous Boobies

In My Fabulous Boobies, Nicole McLean speaks out to women dealing with breast cancer at a young age.  Diagnosed in her 30s, she endured treatment successfully and continues to provide a unique perspective to her followers.

Darn Good Lemonade

The old adage, “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade” is at the heart of Mandi’s Darn Good Lemonade blog. She wants others to know that cancer is not what defines here.  Yes, she has fear and anxiety that  but it should not define anyone with the disease.

My Breast Cancer Blog

In short but profound blog posts, Jacki Donaldson brings readers along for a decade’s worth of emotional and physical highs and lows triggered by her 2004 breast cancer diagnosis. My Breast Cancer Blog sometimes reads like a diary, chronicling the very personal events of her life and inner feelings along the way.

Accidental Amazon

Readers of Kathi Kolb’s Accidental Amazon will get a healthy dose of snarky attitude, but they get much, much more. Kolb is a force of nature, calling out for better treatment, more research, and simply a greater understanding of breast cancer. She rails against the “pink peril” of breast cancer awareness merchandise, and questions the health care system’s approach to the disease.

Chemobrain… in the Fog

AnneMarie Ciccarella takes a unique approach to her breast cancer blog. The posts are as much about brain health as they are about breast health. As the title Chemobrain… in the Fog implies, this blog educates readers about the side effects chemotherapy can have on brain function.

I Survived Damn Near Everything

There’s nothing subtle about breast cancer. And Carole Sanek’s I Survived Damn Near Everythingblog is as blunt as its subject matter. But her sense of humor about the many absurdities in life comes through in every post.

I hope you find some insight, comfort and education within some or all of these bloggers words.  Again, it has been great to read through them and learn a few things for myself.

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Sleep Well,