We all expect to wake up feeling recharged and ready for the day, so why is it that so many times when we wake up (even after going to bed early) we have to drag ourselves out of bed? Sleep has a major impact on our overall well-being and even affects how we look, feel, and perform on a daily basis.

One of the most common problems people have during sleep is waking up frequently. Each time you wake up in the middle of the night, you interrupt your natural sleep cycle, wreaking havoc on your body the next day. This is why there are so many products out there on the market, from memory foam mattresses to black out curtains that are designed to help keep you asleep all night long. This also includes products that help regulate your body temperature such as a cooling mattress pad. I want to help you understand why that cooling mattress pad you bought isn’t keeping you cool, and effecting your sleep. And if you’re looking at purchasing a cooling mattress pad, I want to help you make an educated decision.

The Problem:

You go to bed really hot, tossing and turning, kicking off the covers until you have one tiny corner of your sheets covering you. Then you wake up a few hours later for some reason drenched in sweat, so cold you think the ice age has come early! Yeah, that happens to a lot of people (myself included). You bought a cooling mattress pad, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

The Solution:

Simple. A proactive cooling mattress pad. I’m pretty sure you have heard of all types of cooling mattress pads and even sheets. Maybe you even bought some yourself only to discover they were a waste of money. The reason that so many of these types of products don’t work is because they are reactive rather than proactive (they start working after you’re too hot and sweating, rather than BEFORE you’re too hot.) I mean, how enjoyable is it to wake up in a pool of your own sweat? This is a problem we at Slumber Cloud have been determined to solve.

It sounds silly (and salesy, I know) but the difference a Cooling Mattress Pad can have on your sleep is simply astonishing (read our most recent product review if you don’t believe us). The reason is, we understand the importance of regulating body temperature when it comes to sleep. And hopefully after reading this post, you do as well. Not only do we understand the effects temperature has on sleep, we also understand how to be proactive in managing heat buildup. In our partnership with Outlast Technologies we’ve create an entire line of bedding products, including cooling mattress pads that are proactive in regulating your body temperature meaning they actually work to keep you comfortable all night long.

If you are not happy with your “cooling mattress pad” or are looking to purchase one, I encourage you to seek a proactive solution. Even if you don’t think a proactive cooling mattress pad will help you sleep better, I hope you understand how important regulating your temperature while you sleep is to your overall well-being.


Rest Easy,