Our 2015 holiday gift guide is here! What better gift to give this holiday season, than the gift of great sleep? We’ve handpicked the 5 best gifts to give this holiday season from our favorite collections. From stocking stuffers, to the perfect gift for the person who has everything, there’s sure to be something in this holiday gift guide to give to someone on your list.

The Slumber Cloud 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Who wouldn’t love to start the New Year with some new bedding? The Nacreous Mattress Pad not only boasts our Gold + Comfort Rating, but is designed to keep you the perfect temperature all night long. No more tossing and turning, pushing and pulling the covers off and on all night. Perfect for anyone on your list that is hard to shop for everyone loves a great night of sleep!

  2. Splendidly soft, the Wigwam So Soft Crew Socks are the perfect stocking stuffer. These ultra-cozy sleep socks help keep feet warm and toasty, slips on easily and offers nothing but comfort.

  3. Our bestselling Pileus Pillow Covers are designed to keep your head cooler. No more flipping your pillow over to the cool side. Made with Outlast® Technology, these 300 thread count, 100% sateen cotton covers are lined on both sides with Outlast® fabric. It has never been so easy to get the cool side of the pillow.

  4. Some call it a comforter, we call it a duvet. Our Cumulus Lightweight Duvet is perfect for every season. Our duvet has been engineered to keep you warm on frosty winter days, and cool during the blistering hot summer months. Perfect for thermally incompatible couples (one sleeps hot and the other sleeps cold).

  5. The Cirrus Down Pillow might be the most luxurious pillow ever made. The feather down filling adapts to your head shape for a luxurious feel while the outer shell of the pillow, made with Outlast® technology, adapts to temperature fluctuations throughout the night. The worst thing about giving this gift, is as soon as you give it a squeeze, you will want to keep it for yourself!


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