Many of us know what works and what doesn’t, and that is especially true about our sleep position. We often have that one go-to position that we use every single night and don’t think too much about it. As some of you might have seen last month, we posted this picture on our Facebook page and ask our fans to tell us which position they usually use.

We found that most of our fans sleep in the “fetus” position. But more and more studies are coming out about the best sleep position for your health. I thought I would do the research for you, look at the findings, and then determine the greatest sleep position of all time.

Sleep on your left side for good digestion:

Lucas from “The Molas” points out our digestion system relies on the left side of our body. Both the stomach, the liver, and also the bladder and the pancreas, are “able to dispose of waste products” and “produce at the same time, the enzymes that the body needs by neutralizing fatty acids and without pressure.”

Basically, by sleeping on your left side, food isn’t trapped in the stomach and can freely move along the digestive system, eliminating unwanted pressure and bloating.

Sleeping on your back increases likelihood of snoring:

Although sleeping on your back is good for back, neck, and joint pain by maintain a neutral position for the head, neck, and spin, it also is the WORST position for snoring. One of the biggest benefits to sleeping on your back is its ability to limit acid reflex. Most of the time when you’re sleeping on your back, your head is above your stomach. This reduces your chances of developing acid reflex.

Sleep on your side for better brain health:

Findings published in the Journal of Neuroscience, researchers say that sleeping on your side is best when it comes to your brain’s nighttime processes for clearing out waste and harmful chemicals. Although most of us already sleep on our sides (2/3) one extremely important relationship the study found was how important sleep in general is to mental health.

This leads me to the overall finding of the greatest sleep position of all time: Whatever works for you!

Don’t sacrifice sleep.  If you are tossing and turning all night trying to get comfortable in a new sleep position, the harm to your health will actually outweigh the benefit from sleeping in these positions. Just focus on getting the proper amount of sleep each and every night!

Feel free to share with me your favorite sleep positions, or maybe the most outrageous position you have ever woke up in!


Rest Easy,