Whether you agree with the ritual of daylight savings or not, the truth is this first week of daylight savings is brutal.  So, I have been doing a bit of research on how to survive, until that wonderful day when they get rid of it all together (wishful thinking on my part).  Anyway, below are 5 tips to survive daylight savings time given by Tempur-Sealy and UNC this week (Side note: Tempur-Sealy sells a range of beds that also carry Outlast technology. We love them).

Ok, here we go. So I agree with some but I have put in my opinion on some of these:

  1. Get some Sunshine:  Spending more time outside to soak in vitaminD form the sun has positive effects on regulating sleep/wake cycles.  –  Don’t get me wrong, I love the extra hour of light in the evening, but isn’t this one going to happen by default? I’m being a little sarcastic here… so I guess I’ll suggest getting out during that extra hour for a walk (you know a walk/exercise can help you sleep) and get that vitamin D. 
  2. Go all Natural: Limit caffeine and avoid alcohol leading into and after Daylight Savings Time begins to ensure your body can naturally fall asleep.  —WHOA! I blew this one a few times this week. I feel like I’m drinking 3 times the amount I did last week. I get their point and I’ll do better over the next few days. 
  3. Reset Yourself: Reset your clocks as early as Friday or Saturday night to allow your body to adjust. – That part was released last week so hopefully you did this in advance, if you didn’t I would suggest just getting to be a bit earlier each night still so you can get caught up on the sleep you have lost. 
  4. No Interruptions: To help ensure uninterrupted sleep, consider a mattress that reduces motion transfer and adapts to your personal boyd shape, weight and temperature.  – Regarding the bed, we couldn’t agree more, a good bed is key to a great night sleep… Especially the temperature part where we can help if you’re aren’t in the place in your life to purchase a new Stearns & Foster or Optimum bed with Outlast just grab a mattress pad and some pillow covers to get you started on a more temperature balanced sleep so you can truly get a more uninterrupted night of rest.  
  5. Hit the Sack: Adults and children alike should go to bed a few minutes earlier each night the week before to help adjust to the time change. Those minutes can mean a big difference.  – Oops, I already mentioned this above.  I guess I have sound advice.  (ha ha)



Enjoy more daylight and remember this week will be over soon and you will have a great sleep routine again (I promise).


Sleep well,