It’s Spring Break time which also means it’s time to do a deep clean on the old house.  I found this list from Martha Stewart titled, Spring Cleaning Basics.  I’ll admit, the list is good but some of them may be a little over zealous for even me.  Here is the list and my comments:

  1. Clean Windows – Ok, this is a must at our house.  I’m pretty sure they haven’t been cleaned since last spring.
  2. Dust light bulbs – Really?
  3. Wash Blinds – Another, must do… my grandmother would approve.
  4. Stock your stain fighting kit  – How about start a stain fighting kit.  Right now my stain fighting kit is called spray and wash.
  5. Update bed linens – This is a no brainer, we have a sale going on right now.
  6. Switch it up (the direction of your ceiling fan) – Never thought of this before but I better dust off the fan before doing so, otherwise another mess will need cleaned up.
  7. Protect wood floors –  Oddly enough I find mopping therapeutic.  My favorite, non-toxic, smells great, product is Method Squirt + Mop.
  8. Clean out the fridge –  I definitely need to do this.  This time I will actually pull out the drawers and deep clean.
  9. Restock cleaning supplies –  Any reason to go to Target.
  10. Clean carpets and rugs – I once tried doing this myself and gagged at the color of the water in the tank.  Here is a link to Stanley Steemers.
  11. Clean your curtains – The thought of taking them down and to the dry cleaners is daunting.  Alternative: Vacuum them.
  12. Replace batteries – Smart suggestion:  Smoke detectors and wall clocks.

Heather’s Bonus List:

  • Clean out your closet –   Get rid of all clothes that you haven’t worn in a year and either donate or sell.
  • Get your pictures off your computer and into a cloud or onto a hard drive (or better yet, do both).  If your computer crashes you won’t lose those precious pictures and your computer will be faster.  Here is my new favorite picture and video cloud, ThisLife. Amazing!

I envy you if you spent your spring break on an actual beach but at least my house is clean. HAPPY SPRING (finally)!