One of our customers, Eileen Bradshaw, shares her story about Cancer, Chemo and Sleeping with Hot Flashes.

Diagnosed with Cancer

Eileen Bradshaw

I was diagnosed with Stage 2B triple-negative breast cancer on October 5th, 2013. Now, a little over a year later, I’m happy to say that I’m in remission.

When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, I was in shock. This disease doesn’t run in my family and was discovered during a routine annual breast exam so it was very unexpected.


After my initial biopsy is when I learned that I had triple-negative breast cancer, which is a rare form that can be more aggressive, difficult to treat and more likely to spread and recur. Learning this and about my treatment options, I chose to go ahead and get a double mastectomy, because I knew I would never want to go through this twice. Following that was 12 rounds of chemotherapy over a 16-week period.


Since that day in October, it’s been a long, difficult fight. But now, since finishing chemo back in March, I’m slowly starting to feel more and more like my self. The thing about battling cancer that people don’t tell you though is the struggles you’ll still face after chemo is over. Since finishing chemo I have struggled with fatigue, joint pain and sleep problems.

Sleeping with Hot Flashes

A  lot of my sleep issues have to do with the fact that chemotherapy threw my body directly into menopause, so there’s rarely a night that I don’t wake up with hot flashes. Needless to say, I  was very excited to try bedding products that could  help with those issues.


After a week of sleeping on the product, I can say the Slumber Cloud bedding has definitely helped with that. The temperature regulating technology helped curb this, and although I still have hot flashes at night, I noticed a difference in the severity of them. I also tend to be cold often (when I’m not having a hot flash) so I was also pleasantly surprised with how warm it kept me at night too, since the material is so lightweight.


Overall, I’d highly recommend Slumber Cloud bedding. It’s soft, comfortable and has helped me sleep a little better, and anything that can help me feel a little better is a blessing in my books.


Eileen Bradshaw

A Slumber Cloud customer and these are my own words.