Sleep deprivation is no joke. Most of us have heard the toll that sleep deprivation takes on our bodies, including high blood pressure, added inches to the waistline, and even the impacts on the mind. Even though most of us know that sleep deprivation impacts our health, why do only about 30% of us get the recommended amount of sleep each night? The more that I learn about sleep deprivation the more it makes me want to change my sleep habits, and this Infographic courtesy of Ashutosh at is a great place to start.

There are two tips here that really stand out to me. The first tip is to keep it “Just Right”. I had a comfortable mattress and pillows but I still tossed and turned during the night. That is until threw out my out mattress pad and put on the Nacreous Mattress Pad. The thing I like best about the mattress pad is I no longer have to start the night off with a tiny corner of my duvet covering me, only to wake up a few hours later freezing cold.

The Second tip is to avoid eating anything before bed. So many times I’ll grab a snack like popcorn, ice cream, or my favorite… Oreos, while catch up on my favorite series before bedtime. To me it’s worth it to cut those snacks out of my routine if it means I can think clearer and keep my body fine tuned.


Rest Easy,