Is the summer heat causing you sleeping issues? We’ve compiled a list of quick tips to beat that summer heat:

  • Keep your bedroom relatively dark, even in the day time.  Close the blinds in the morning so excess heat doesn’t get it.
  • Take a shower or bath before bed; especially if you were hot and sweaty during the day.
  • Wear light, comfortable clothes or go in your birthday suit.
  • Limit alcohol.  Alcohol is known to heat up your system and during these hot nights, no extra heat is needed.
  • Use a heat managing mattress pad and pillow covers (less flipping to get to the cooler side of the pillow).
  • Sleep Alone.  Sleeping next to someone just accumulates more body heat. If you can, one of you can sleep in the guest room (if you have one).  It’s only temporary. 🙂
  • Don’t have A/C?   Stick a bowl of ice in front of your  fan.  It is amazing how it can cool down a room.
  • Make sure the blades on your ceiling fans run counter-clockwise, pulling hot air up and out.
  • Try to eat a salad or make a meal that doesn’t require the stove.  Cooking will only heat up your home.  Did you know the it is easy for our bodies to metabolize fruits and vegetables and the body produces more heat after you eat a  steak or other heavy meal.
  • Get an old fashioned hot water bottle but fill it with ice water.  Place it in your pillow or under your sheets.
  • Instead of having your box fan blow air on you, try facing it out the window.  It will pull the hot air outside to keep the temperature lower in your room.

Sleep Well,