At Slumber Cloud, we truly want to help people live happier and healthier which is why we are always posting sleep tips and advice on our blog and Facebook Page! As much as we might try, we are not experts in every aspect of healthy living. That is why we often turn to industry leaders to help our fans make the right choices. With so many of our fans dealing with Menopause, or know someone who is, we turned to the menopause experts for help. Here is a list of our favorite menopause blogs and websites, full of inspiring stories, research, advice and tips, to help you or your friends make “the change” a bit easier! Please note that these menopause blogs are not listed in any particular order.

Menopause Goddess Blog:

Menopause Blogs

“The single most important remedy for getting through the Menopause transition is the support of other like-afflicted women. That’s why I created Menopause Goddess Blog – offering humor, heart and health for the menopause journey. Women sharing wisdom – that’s the difference between surviving and thriving.” – Lynette Sheppard, RN

Format: Menopause Blog
Who is the author: Lynette Sheppard is the official scribe for the Menopause Goddess Blog, although there is a community of “Goddesses” who also post articles. Lynette struggled to adapt during her change of life, and wanted to find out how other women were faring with their passage. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for she decided to create the Menopause Goddess Blog. Her goal was to create a community of “Goddesses” to provide advice, and stories to help women conquer the total lifestyle change of menopause.
What is it about: This sisterhood of goddesses is a group of “extraordinary, ordinary women” who have gathered the best pieces of advice to “map a course through menopause and midlife TOGETHER”. The synergy of their shared experiences shows a new path to survival and growth amidst the changes.
Why you should read it: This blog truly embodies the term “community”. These goddesses are committed to creating community and sharing a collective woman’s experience in order to help one another through the challenges of menopause, midlife, and more. Not only are their posts relevant, but they use both wit and wisdom, in order to engage in a real conversation. The attitude of “Take what you want and leave the rest” is quite refreshing.


Ellen Dolgen

Menopause Blogs

“The girlfriends guide to surviving and thriving during perimenopause and menopause”

Format: Menopause Blog and Website
Who is the author: Ellen Dolgen has made menopause education her mission. For the past ten years Ellen has helped women during their change of life. From her own experiences and close relationships with experts, Ellen can “walk the menopause walk” and she shares advice to help every women own menopause.
What is it about: Ellen shares the expertise of specialists to replace confusion and embarrassment with medically sound solutions. The site also offers guidance to finding a menopause specialist who’s right for you, and she provides a clear explanation of what tests to ask for.
Why you should read it: By presenting information in an entertaining and informative way, Ellen makes it easy to relate to. You will find detailed descriptions and treatments for the symptoms you or your loved one may experience, from hot flashes and mood swings to mental fogginess and loss of libido, and lots more in between. Ellen is also on the forefront of menopause research and treatments, to help her followers find solutions that actually work.


Friend for the Ride:

Menopause Blogs

“Join me for the ride as I blog about menopause, other women’s issues, and midlife. With humor and creativity we can make these challenging years both upbeat and adventuresome.” – Barbara Younger

Format: Menopause Blog
Who is the author: Barbara Younger is the wonderful author of this menopause blog. Barbara had the reaction most women had when they started menopause. She knew something was happening with her body, but when she went out to find answers she was disappointed with the information out there. She wanted details. She wanted to know what other women thought and felt, physically and emotionally, during those days. She thought that if she knew about them, then she “could figure out me.”
What is it about: Barbara blogs about “everything from night sweats and food cravings to those days that feel like slogging through a swamp in your old tap shoes.” But Barbara isn’t solely focused on menopause. She does a great job at blogging the other aspects of womanhood and life.
Why you should read it: When Barbara created her blog she “wanted someone to encourage me. I needed a wise menopause friend.” A Friend for the Ride provides encouraging words for the “Menopause Roller Coaster”. Barbara is the friend who somehow, magically, takes the worry out of the word menopause.


My Menopause Mag:

Menopause Blogs

“Women make over 85% of health care decisions and are often the nurturers of their children, partners and parents. The symptoms of menopause can affect body mind and spirit and the information about treatments can be confusing. My goal is to help women create a blueprint that helps them navigate through menopause so they feel better, look better and have more energy.” –Dr. Seibel

Format: Online Menopause Magazine
Who is the author: Dr. Seibel is an international leader in women’s health and menopause. Selected by his peers as one of the best doctors in America, he is a national expert in helping women in and around menopause improve their symptoms including sleep, stress, diabetes, and weight control.
What is it about: My Menopause Mag was created by Dr. Seibel to offer insights, inspiration, and health information for women over 40. His goal is to create the best resource available to you; one that you can come back to often for ongoing updates. Topics include menopause, sleep, mental health, and healthy living.
Why you should read it: We have worked with Dr. Seibel in a recent Q&A to help women get answers in regards to menopause and sleep. What we love most is Dr. Seibel’s honest effort to help women navigate proper healthcare. He goes to great lengths to make sure women have access to the most recent information and even includes content in the form of articles, podcast, and videos.


Minnie Pauz:

Menopause Blogs

“The main thing that “Minnie Pauz” brings to the table is a sense of humor about the whole subject of aging and feeling like the fun has gone out of our lives just because we’re “changing”. The aging process is inevitable but some do it better than others so we’ve GOT to laugh about it or we’re doomed to feeling miserable for the next 30 to 40 years!” – Dee Adams 

Format: Menopause Website
Who is the author: Dee Adams is the cartoonist, author, entrepreneur, and creator of Minnie Pauz. She founded Minnie Pauz 20 years ago in order to be the “woman, much like you if you are a woman with hormones, if you are a baby boomer, if you are single, married or divorced, quite simply, she’s “everywoman”.” Dee was one of the first women to approach menopause with humor.

What is it about: Although Dee Adams makes the claim that she is not a doctor or even a menopause expert, she wants to help women deal with menopause. Minnie Pauz brings a sense of humor to the changes in your body through articles, cartoons, and a very popular forum!

Menopause Blogs
Why you should read it: Minnie Pauz does a superb job at blending humor with the “subject of aging and feeling like the fun has gone out of our lives just because we’re changing”. Just listen to Dee’s approach to change and you will understand why this resource is a must read, “The aging process is inevitable but some do it better than others so we’ve GOT to laugh about it or we’re doomed to feeling miserable for the next 30 to 40 years! Hey, that’s a lot of time to do things we always wanted to do and still time to take care of ourselves and have FUN!”


Red Hot Mamas:

Menopause Blogs

“Together we’re better”

Format: Menopause Website

Who is the author: The concept of Red Hot Mamas® was created by Karen Giblin after she had a total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy in 1991. Karen set out to create a resource where women no longer had to be confused or embarrassed with the changes happening to their bodies.
What is it about: Red Hot Mamas® provides information on menopause education, research, and events. Their education programs have been licensed in over 200 hospital and practices. With information on every (seriously, every) menopause term and symptom, this site has the answer to any question you could have.
Why you should read it: This site has it all. Not only is Red Hot Mamas® a globally recognized organization comprised of industry experts and doctors, but they dive deep into every plausible symptom of menopause. They even have a page dedicated to “Menopause A-Z”. Included on the site is an informative menopause blog packed with the latest news in women’s health and a “Man Cave” to help men find answers as well.


Menopausal Mother:

Menopause Blogs

“Age is just a number; your REAL age is defined by what you feel in your heart.” -Marcia Kester Doyle

Format: Menopause Blog
Who is the author: Marcia Kester Doyle is a proud mother and grandmother. When she says she can “find the funny in just about anything” she means it. Both Marcia and her blog have won numerous awards including the Erma Bombeck Humor Writer of the Month Dec. 2014.
What is it about: The Menopausal Mother blog encompasses the good, the bad, and the ugly side of menopause. Through the use of rogue humor, Marcia enables you to take a look at the changes happening to you and laugh.
Why you should read it: Although Marcia has a very informative (and hilarious) blog, what really makes Menopause Mother special is her Facebook page. Her posts are not only some of the most ludacris posts, they allow you to take a break from feeling hormonal and hopeless. This isn’t a pity party, it’s more of a community where you can laugh at the strange things your body decides to do.


The Perimenopausal Blog:

“Is this real or am I just going crazy?” -Magnolia Miller

Format: Menopause Blog
Who is the author: The author of this menopause blog is the talented Magnolia Miller.  Magnolia was personally hit hard with the symptoms of perimenopause. When faced with the unfortunate, but common symptoms, she thought she was going crazy. She sought help from physicians but none of them were able to provide any real help that she so desperately needed.
What is it about: The Perimenopause Blog is devoted to helping women in perimenopause. “Because perimenopause is so stealthy and sneaks up on us under the cover of hormonal darkness, many of us find ourselves wondering if we’re imagining things or if we are just going crazy.” This blog is dedicated to helping women manage the symptoms of perimenopause, and keep women informed on research, news, and alternative treatments.
Why you should read it: The Perimenopause Blog does a spectacular job at providing very specific information. If you are having an issue, and don’t want to spend hours searching for an answer, the Perimenopause Blog should be your go to resource. The content of the blog is separated very nicely into different tabs including symptoms, research, and health & fitness.


Best of Everything after 50:

Menopause Blogs

“We can’t control getting older, but we CAN control how we do it! ” -Barbara Gufferman

Format: Online “Mini-Mag”
Who is the author: Barbara Grufferman is not only a renowned author, but is a huge advocate for positive living. Barbara even has a weekly front-page column on the Huffington Post and AARP. Her experiences in life after 50 has changed her, but she has learned to fully embrace who she is “Now”. She wants to help others embrace their “Now” as well.
What is it about: Best of Everything After 50 is not only a great resource for health after 50, but also includes information from style tips and money management, to fitness tips and everything in-between. The purpose of this “mini-mag” is to help you live your best life after 50 and beyond!
Why you should read it: Yes it’s true that sometimes menopause can run your life. However it’s important to remember that life after 50 is all about embracing change. The Best of Everything after 50 does a wonderful job at helping you embracing who you are “Now”. With its well –rounded approach to life after 50 including style & beauty tips, the Best of Everything After 50 is a must read.


Menopause Coach:

Menopause Blogs

“Empowering you through the climax of your life – in body mind and spirit”

Format: Menopause Website
Who is the author: The husband and wife team of Sheri and Dr. Ray Goddard have come together to create the Menopause Coach. With personal experiences and a health and wellness expert with over 30 years of experience, they want to help women understand the physiological, psychological and emotional transitions that occur during menopause.
What is it about: Coming from authors who have experienced not only the effects of menopause, but also the emotional toll of body transformations, the website was created to empower you. “Empowerment comes from many, many sources – and we would like to share “Empowerment Tips” with you that will help you feel connected, confident, and conscious.”
Why you should read it: This website has it all. From symptoms and treatments, to weight loss and emotional therapy, if you need to find a reliable answer to your problem, you can find it from the Menopause Coach. It’s also great to have the perspective of a male who witnessed his wife go through these changes, as well as changes of his own. It’s a rich resource for women and their partners to empower themselves with the right information.


If you have some menopause blogs or websites you really love, feel free to share the links in the comments section!


Sleep Well,