Spring is right around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about how you can transform your bedroom from winter-ready to spring-ready! Here are 3 of our favorite and easy ways to transform the bedroom for the new warmer season. 

#1 Organize Your Dresser and Closet

As the weather starts to heat up it’s time to reorganize your dresser and closet. Make heavier items such as sweaters and long sleeve shirts a thing of the past by pushing these items to the back of the dresser and closet. This will give you easy access to the clothes you will be wearing more often and keep your storage better organized. When it comes to your dresser make your life easier by moving winter clothing to the bottom drawer and seasonably appropriate items in higher drawers that take less effort to access. 

Some items you may not want to have access to at all until the next winter, for these we suggest trying out a vacuum seal bag. These bags allow you to not only store your items but save your space while doing so. 

#2 Lighten the Bed Layers

During the winter you may have noticed yourself adding on extra layers or thicker covers, but as the weather starts to warm up you may be inclined to kick them off. You will probably want something that keeps the heat away and gives you a better sleep. Items such as a cooling blanket, or lightweight comforter can be a great way to provide a comfortable transition. 

Adjusting the color of the bedding can also be a great way to freshen up your room. Lighter bedding is a fantastic way to reflect mother nature and the brightness of spring! Consider items such as cooling sheets that are offered in lighter colors and help with temperature!

#3 Add Pops of Spring

From flowers to candles there are many small elements that can help you add a pop of spring to your room. Update your winter candles to something with a spring-like scent such as a Fresh Linen or Lilac!

Along with candles, infuse spring into your room with a vase of fresh flowers! Not only do flowers add a nice fresh scent, but they will also add a bright burst of color! Here are some of our favorite early blooming flowers to start your spring off with! 

  • Peonies 
  • Lilies 
  • Hydrangeas
  • Daffodils 

Spring Ready!

Whether it’s adding a cooling blanket to your bed or a vase of Poppies to your nightstand there are easy ways to create a fresh feeling for the new season to your room! 

Share with us in the comments how you transition your room for spring!


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