Have you ever wanted to become a morning person? We’ll help you take some steps to become a morning person. Are you already a morning person? You rock!

My husband says I’m one of those annoying morning people but I say, I’m just an early bird that’s always up early and  who rarely uses an alarm.  I’ve been this way my whole life!  Bed early, rise early.  It’s just the way I am and I like it.  To be honest,  I think he is just jealous because he’s the guy that has a back up alarm to his already ridiculously loud alarm.   It is just the way he has always been (confirmed by my mother-in-law), stay up late and sleep in as much as possible.

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Before I start,  I’m not saying one is better than the other (Ok, yes I am) but studies have shown that early risers get better grades, are more productive, optimistic, and get all around better sleep, even when they get the same amount of hours of rest. And even though night owls are more prone to mood disorders. to be fair they are known for being more creative and intelligent.

We are all programmed differently but if you night owls out there desire to be more of an early bird, here are a few tips on becoming a morning person:

  1. Start slowly:  You can’t kick a bad habit overnight (pun intended) so give yourself a break.  Select a desired wake up time and slowly move toward that new goal.  For instance, if your goal is 6:00am, start setting your alarm for 6:30 and over the next week, set it 5 minutes closer to your goal 6:25, 6:20, 6:15… you get the point.
  2. Be consistent:  Do your absolute best to wake up at the same time each and every day, even on the weekends.  You’re trying to build a routine so consistency is king.  People who are more consistent with their wake up time report having better moods. Try it, see if it works for you.
  3. Say, “NO” once in a while:  At one time or another we all over book ourselves to events, meetings, parties, etc.  Start learning to say, “No” and take that extra time at night to relax and do something calming.  Read a book, get a massage, play a board game, go the park with your family, take a long bath or just watch a movie (as long as it is finished an hour before your desired bed time).   Just do something that calms and relaxes you.
  4. Eat Breakfast:   When you make up, don’t just have coffee.  Eat a healthy, protein-packed breakfast to kickstart metabolism which in turn will give you more energy throughout the day.
  5. Exercise in the morning:  Now that you’re up why not get a little exercise.  It will help give you that needed energy boost and you won’t have to try and squeeze it  in at the end of the day.
  6. Invite light indoors:  Sunlight can act as a natural alarm clock.  Just put a little crack in the blinds so you can wake up more naturally.
  7. Turn off the electronics:  I seem to mention this topic of an electronic curfew quite a bit but only because it’s important (and I genuinely care about your well being).    So, I’ll say it again, turn off the electronics at least an hour before bed so you can wind down and get the melatonin flowing for a better night of sleep.

Good Luck, Night Owls.  Let me know how it goes or if you have any other tips that have been helpful.

Sleep well,

Heather, an early bird