Sometimes you just can’t resist the urge to eat a bag of popcorn in bed or channel your inner George Costanza and enjoy a juicy pastrami sandwich.

I know, I’ve been there too. And when you spill on your sheets you have to give them a wash. But washing your sheets only when they look dirty isn’t just unsanitary, it can actually be causing you harm. How often should you wash your sheets? I have the the answer, and it’s more often than you think!

How Often Should You Wash Your Bed Sheets

Sheets should be washed often to remove a buildup of debris, dust, sweat and other icky things. If you’re washing your sheets only once a month, that’s not going to cut it. Your sheets need to be washed at least every other week, but weekly is ideal.

Also if you or your partner are sick, you should try to wash the sheets every day so you’re not recuperating in a germ-filled bed. If you aren’t able to wash them every day, then just changing the pillowcase daily should suffice.

How to Wash Your Bed Sheets

The key to keeping bedding clean is to know how to clean it. Your Slumber Cloud Products will each have unique manufacturer care instructions and it’s important to follow them, but if you aren’t familiar with them, then this is what we generally suggest.

  • Wash them in cold soapy water and let them dry completely in the dryer on low.
  • Don’t wash them with clothes as it might damage the sheets or cause them to become fuzzy.
  • If the sheets have a stain, tend to it before washing.
  • Ball your sheets up when you put them in the washer. This will prevent them from stretching out and losing shape.


Now you have all the information on how to properly was your sheets. So stop putting it off and help yourself live a healthier lifestyle.


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Source: Marisa Ramiccio