Time to celebrate with a birthday gift for you because… IT’S MY BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!

I’m not typically the type to celebrate  my birthday for an entire week but over the last few years, I’ve seen a growing trend of “birthday week” celebrations and some 1/2 birthday festivities (6 months before your actual birthday, in case you were wondering). So this year I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and celebrate the entire week BUt with a twist.  Instead of making it completely about me, I’m going to do a random act of kindness each day to bring a bit more joy to total strangers… O.K.,  I may allow myself a little extra chocolate.    — To keep you all apprised, I’ll post my random acts on our Facebook wall.

Next on my agenda for my birthday week is to give  you, my blog readers, an exclusive discount code.  

So, now through the July 25th you can receive 25% off
your entire order by entering Gift25 in the promo section at checkout.

(My mom did always say giving was better than receiving).

I can’t give you all a cupcake, so this discount code will have to do.

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me!   

Sleep Well,




Photo Cred: Felix