For the month of January, my co-worker, Diane and I made a vow to do the Whole 30 program together and I’m happy to report, WE DID IT. Not only did we do it but we did it without any cheats and without killing one another.

If you haven’t heard of Whole 30, here is a snapshot into the rules for 30 days and then I list out a few things I learned during my 30 day adventure.


  • No Grains
  • No refined sugars
  • No Alchohol
  • No Dairy
  • No Legumes (this also means no peanuts, which was the hardest part)
  • Nothing prepackaged/processed!

Here are some of the things I learned after our 30 days of clean eating:

1. I had more energy throughout the day. – I didn’t crash after my typical afternoon sugar fix, because there was no sugar to crash from.

2. I slept longer and more soundly. – When the refined sugar is out and protein/fat is in, you sleep a deep sleep I hadn’t felt since before children.

3. I woke up feeling optimistic and alert –I actually went out the door a few days without coffee… You read that right, I left the house without coffee because I wasn’t dragging.

4. This may be too much information but I said good bye to digestive issues – No more discomfort and smelly farts. Even my husband noticed.  P-U – be gone.

5. I was  more clear-headed – Goodbye forgetting the littlest things that “were on the tip of my tongue”; hello leader of our office meetings.

6. I drank more water – Without diet coke (aspartame is a refined sugar) or using the water sweeteners, I found myself drinking water more often.  Hello gorgeous skin (see #11).  I really don’t need soda to begin with so this was a great way to cut it out for good.

7. I would eat more vegetables – Since I couldn’t add a grain (rice, quinoa or noodles) to my meals I loaded up on veggies. I even perfected making noodles out of a zucchini

8. I actually learned to love to cook – I think I’ve been in the kitchen more these past 30 days than I was in it the previous 6 months. My husband typically does the cooking (he loves it and I use to loath it) but I actually like it now and he is enjoying the benefits of my cooking too. I now follow food blogs… who am I? Here is one of my favorites PaleOMG – It didn’t hurt that she also writes about fashion and workouts.  bonus.

9. I’ve learned the difference between emotional eating and real hunger – No more grabbing a spoonful of peanut butter because I was bored or eating the rest of my kid’s chicken nuggets because I didn’t want it to go to waste.  I would actually think about why I was picking up that food and ask myself if it was good for me or a habit.  LOVE this realization.

10. I have slayed the sugar demon – I was under the spell of the sugar demon. Now I read labels and anything with added sugar in the ingredients makes me run the other way.  It didn’t help that I watched the documentary on sugar consumption in the United states called FED UP.  Oh boy, I’m now one of those crazy people…  but I’m ok with that.

11. My skin is brighter – Sleep + water + vegetables + fat + no sugar = clear, younger-looking skin.

12. My tummy is  flatter  – Bloat from dairy and legumes is gone.

13. I lost weight and gained muscle  –Nothing more to say here.  I love and love this result.

14. I learned that fat is not the enemy – I ate more more fat in these 30 days and I feel amazing. I now love avocados, coconut oil, almond butter and meats that I’ve been told to stay away from for years.  So satiating and fabulous.

I’m not going to lie, the first 2 weeks were BRUTAL as I broke my life long habits of eating at designated times (even when I wasn’t hungry (hello lunch hour)), eating convenient pre-packaged meals, and having wine after work or at dinner BUT all of the above results have made it worth it.

Here is to our health,



P.S. I was not paid to talk about whole 30 or FED UP, I just love to share health benefits to our readers.

UPDATE FEBRUARY 18, 2015:  I’m now doing this lifestyle in what they call 80/20.  80% of the time I’m living by the above rules and the other 20% I will have a glass of wine or a piece of that wedding/birthday cake But for the most part I just couldn’t deny how great I felt so why not keep doing it.  The SLEEP is the best part.  zzzzzz