We get a lot of calls from potential customers looking to cool down at night with cooling bedding.

For instance, this morning I spoke with a lovely lady from Louisiana name Estelle. Estelle purchased a new memory foam “type mattress” (she did not specify which kind) earlier this year and ever since she was hardly sleeping due to the heat build up.  A friend had recommended she purchase bamboo sheets so a few months ago she purchased “$120 sheets that frankly, made me even more hot!”

When the sheets finally split after repeat washing, she googled cooling sheets and found us and called. Estelle had a lot of questions, which I love, but her first question was to confirm that our sheets weren’t bamboo. I assured her they were not and explained how our products are different.

She was so inquisitive and we had a great conversation about the difference between a wicking technology, which works AFTER you’ve perspired and the moisture has been pulled away, and a phase change technology that proactively helps balance temperature BEFORE you perspire.

As most people do, she asked how exactly it keeps her cool. I talked about the management of heat under the covers utilizing Outlast Technology and how it’s not  an air conditioner but a way to balance the temperature of her skin throughout the night.

In summary:

Wicking Sheets work but only after you’ve perspired and become uncomfortable. This technology then pulls the moisture way to help with the evaporation process. We call this a reactive technology since it is reacting to the perspiration.

Sheets with Outlast work by absorbing excess heat as it is accumulated on the skin to help keep balance the temperature before you get uncomfortable. We call this a proactive technology, since it is reducing temperature fluctuations so reduce perspiration.

After our discussion on proactive v reactive, we then spoke for about 30 minutes as I answered her other questions: how we came up with our names, the difference between Gold and Gold+ products, what is the difference between a pillow case and a pillow cover, etc.

In the end she purchased a Cirriform mattress pad, a set of sheets (fyi – they do not have bamboo), a set of pillow covers and a lightweight duvet. Since her husband is a veteran, we were able to give her a Military discount and get her order in the books for shipment.

Please do not hesitate to call us if you ever have any questions or just want us to help with your order. We like to hear from you.

Sleep Well,