As we count down to the big Black Friday Cooling Bedding Deals 2014 event I reached out (peaked my head around the corner) and asked Diane what her top 5 Gifts would be off the site.

Here is here response.

Diane’s Top 5 Gifts for those that have everything.

1. Cirriform Mattress Pad – A Top seller and there is a reason. This product does the job of balancing temperature swings all year long. This Cooling Bedding helps  in the summer and in the winter it helps balance temperature to keep you nice and comfortable. Find out more about why should still buy cooling bedding in the winter HERE

2. Cumulus Lightweight Duvet – I have this duvet in 2 sizes.  One for my bed, which has a nice weight without being bulky; and two, a twin size that I use as a throw in my living room.  Since I kept dragging this duvet off my bed to snuggle up on the couch, I decided I should just buy a smaller version to keep close. I LOVE this product.

3. Cumulus Pillow – I love the Medium fill cumulus pillow. It has the perfect amount of loft so I sleep comfortable all night long. We have customers refer to this pillow as their favorite because you don’t have to flip to the cool side of the pillow throughout the night.

HINT:  If you buy all 3 at once in our Starter Bedding Setyou instantly save $29. This box is full of the perfect products to get your sleeping

4. The Nacreous Mattress pad in Mauve color.  Not only is it a beautiful color but it has our highest rating for managing temperature sings. It goes beyond basic white bedding and gives a pop of color when you’re making your bed.

5. Wigwam So soft Sleep Sock    I love this sock. It is really comfortable and now that the temperatures have dropped they are the perfect amount of warmth in the cold nights.


Thanks, Diane.  We appreciate your feedback on the Black Friday Cool Bedding event!


Sleep Well,