Cooling Pillows - Cumulus

Great news! We have just released our NEW AND IMPROVED Cumulus Pillows. Made with Outlast® technology, these cooling pillows mitigate night sweats that come with pesky temperature fluctuations, as well as hot flashes, by absorbing excess heat to keep you cooler during the night. The Cumulus Pillow is now available in three different sleep styles for stomach, back, and side sleepers!

The Cumulus Soft Pillow

Offers the perfect support for those that prefer to sleep on their stomach.

The Cumulus Medium Pillow

This pillow has a medium-weight fill, offering cooling comfort for those that like to sleep on their back.

The Cumulus Firm Pillow

This is recommended for those who regularly sleep on their side and are looking for a more support while they sleep.

Double your cooling pillow’s effect!

Pair our cooling pillows with our Pileous Pillow Cover and you’ll double up on your cooling pillow’s heat absorption capacity and have the perfect place to rest your head.