We’ve had quite a few callers confide in us about the hot flashes and the night sweats they experience while on chemo. They call looking for ways to help them get some relief from hot flashes in hopes of getting some much needed sleep. They question typically is, “Can your products help me get more sleep while I’m having these side effects?”  The answer is Yes.

I knew a little about these night sweat symptoms from stories my friend Tiffany would tell as well as my aunt Cynthia.  Both had issues with overheating and night sweats while on their therapy drugs. I provided them with some products to hopefully get them some much needed rest. Of course, we didn’t stop their hot flashes from occurring but we did help in reducing the overheating on the skin to reduce the night sweat symptoms and in turn reduced some of the restlessness.

To be an informed business person, I wanted to find out more so we could hopefully do more to help. Here is some information about why these side effects occur.

Side Effects

According to Susan G. Komen’s website, some chemotherapy drugs can damage the ovaries and stop the regular menstrual cycles of those taking the drugs. In women under 40, this condition is often temporary and their periods usually start again.

But in women over 40, it is more often permanent, meaning menopause begins earlier than expected. Some women may begin having periods again months or years after chemotherapy ends. However, even for women whose periods return, menopause may still begin at an earlier age than for other women.

So what does this mean?  As with natural menopause, women may have symptoms such as hot flashes (including night sweats). And, because the onset of menopause is abrupt, these symptoms may be more severe than with natural menopause.


Some Relief for Chemotherapy and Hot Flashes

These women have been so great to share their stories and allow us to give them a non-medicated option that will help reduce some of those side effects of their temperature swings while they sleep. Again, I want to be clear, we can’t stop hot flashes and night sweats from starting but the products we make have a technology called Outlast that helps reduced temperature swings throughout the night.  

How does it work?

Small microscopic beads called Thermocules™ absorb the excess heat as the skin temperatures start to rise (during a hot flash) which helps to reduce the surface skin temperature and in-turn reducing the perspiration that causes sleep disturbances and in some cases can later lead to chills.  – All night long, the Thermocules work to reduce peaks and valleys of those pesky temperature swings to help your get more rest.

I truly hope this post was educational about the this symptom of chemo.  I know I feel a bit more compassionate for those that call me looking for help.

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Sleep Well,