May 1st, 2014 is our 1 year anniversary and you may be wondering why we choose “clouds” as the theme for our sleep enhancing bedding products and part of our name. Read on and find out!

It seems like yesterday we were in a conference room brainstorming names for our products. As you can see, we selected cloud names to coincide with our products but did you know that we didn’t just randomly assign clouds to products? we actually put a bit of thought into it.

The Slumber Cloud Product Naming Process

As you can see, we put careful thought into how we named our products.

For instance, since Stratus clouds are also known as a layering cloud, we selected products that are layered in beds. VOILA! Stratus Sheets. Another example is the Cumulus cloud, known for its fluffy and soft look it was only right to  name our pillows the Cumulus Pillow. We stayed clear of any type of storm cloud because we didn’t want any negative connotation to products and cumulonimbus doesn’t roll off the tongue or describe what our products can do.

So the one cloud name or I should say, the one slumber cloud product that typically throws people for a loop are the Nacreous products. This cloud isn’t as well known since they are mostly seen in very high latitudes like Scandinavia, Iceland, Alaska and Northern Canada or in Antarctica.

Slumber Cloud - Nacreous Cloud

Photo of Nacreous clouds by Cherie Ude.

These beautiful clouds (also known as polar stratospheric clouds or PSCs) are also called the mother-of-pearl clouds because of their rare and beautiful coloring. Once you see them, you’ll never forget them. This term, along with the cooler regions where they are visible is the reason for naming our Nacreous products.

Like their namesake cloud, the Nacreous Slumber Cloud products are beautiful in color (blue, mauve and light green) and they are cool, literally and figuratively. These products have additional technology to help keep you cooler at night to assist in our natural cooling down process that happens at sundown to prepare us for sleep.

I hope that helps to clear up some of the cloud questions. Of course, we are also open for questions, suggestions and feedback to help our business continue to grow and help even more people get a better sleep at night.

THANK YOU to our customers for a spectacular first year. We couldn’t have done it without you and we are so grateful.

All the best,

Heather and the entire Team at Slumber Cloud