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Napping For Better Athletic Performance

This is part 5 of our week long series exploring all the benefits a great night of sleep has on your athletic performance. Today we will explore how napping can help your atheletic performance. Did you miss an earlier post? Find them all below: PART 1: IMPACT OF SLEEP ON ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE PART 2: SLEEP AND ATHLETIC RECOVERY PART 3: SLEEP DEPRIVATION AND ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE PART 4: THE BEST SLEEP ENVIRONMENT FOR ATHLETES NAPPING FOR PEAK ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE Admit it, do you ever really need another excuse to take a nap? If you do, you’re in luck. Although you don’t want...

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Impact Of Sleep On Athletic Performance

We want to invite you to join us for our week long series where we will explore the impact of sleep on your athletic performance. We will look at the role sleep plays in helping your muscles recover and boosting athletic performance, to the optimal sleep environment and the benefits of napping. To kick things off, we want to give you a general understanding of what is going on with your body as you sleep and how it can impact your athletic performance. The impact of sleep on your athletic performance is often overloooked by athletes. HOW SLEEP IMPACTS ATHLETIC...

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