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Celebrating Our One Year Anniversary: Why We Chose Clouds

May 1st, 2014 is our 1 year anniversary and you may be wondering why we choose “clouds” as the theme for our sleep enhancing bedding products and part of our name. Read on and find out! It seems like yesterday we were in a conference room brainstorming names for our products. As you can see, we selected cloud names to coincide with our products but did you know that we didn’t just randomly assign clouds to products? we actually put a bit of thought into it. For instance, since Stratus clouds are also known as a layering cloud, we selected...

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Top 12 Spring Cleaning Checklist

It’s Spring Break time which also means it’s time to do a deep clean on the old house.  I found this list from Martha Stewart titled, Spring Cleaning Basics.  I’ll admit, the list is good but some of them may be a little over zealous for even me.  Here is the list and my comments: Clean Windows – Ok, this is a must at our house.  I’m pretty sure they haven’t been cleaned since last spring. Dust light bulbs – Really? Wash Blinds – Another, must do… my grandmother would approve. Stock your stain fighting kit  – How about...

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New and Improved Cumulus Cooling Pillows

Great news! We have just released our NEW AND IMPROVED Cumulus Pillows. Made with Outlast® technology, these cooling pillows mitigate night sweats that come with pesky temperature fluctuations, as well as hot flashes, by absorbing excess heat to keep you cooler during the night. The Cumulus Pillow is now available in three different sleep styles for stomach, back, and side sleepers! The Cumulus Soft Pillow Offers the perfect support for those that prefer to sleep on their stomach. The Cumulus Medium Pillow This pillow has a medium-weight fill, offering cooling comfort for those that like to sleep on their back. The Cumulus Firm Pillow This is recommended for those who regularly sleep on their side and are looking for a more support while they sleep. Double your cooling pillow’s effect! Pair our cooling pillows with our Pileous Pillow Cover and you’ll double up on your cooling pillow’s heat absorption capacity and have the perfect place to rest your...

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The Slumber Cloud December Sale is HERE!

The Slumber Cloud December Sale is HERE! Throughout the entire month of December we are offering all our customers 15% OFF EVERYTHING. And when we say everything, we mean EVERYTHING…temperature regulating mattress pads, cooling pillows, sheet sets, pet beds…and more! Give the gift of better sleep this holiday season and start shopping...

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