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Top 5 Reason People Call Slumber Cloud

People call Slumber Cloud a lot! We get a lot of calls with a lot of stories, questions and sometimes even some insight into family drama! Do you think you’re alone in your sleeping issues? Feel lonely no more as you read the issues others are having and some possible solutions. Top 5 reasons people call us for help. 1.  “My mattress is hot” If I had to guess the percentage of people that call us to seek help about the heat build up in their mattress, I’d say it is about 70% of all of our calls.  With the different...

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Diane’s Top 5 Holiday Gifts – Black Friday Cooling Bedding Deals 2014

As we count down to the big Black Friday Cooling Bedding Deals 2014 event I reached out (peaked my head around the corner) and asked Diane what her top 5 Gifts would be off the site. Here is here response. Diane’s Top 5 Gifts for those that have everything. 1. Cirriform Mattress Pad – A Top seller and there is a reason. This product does the job of balancing temperature swings all year long. This Cooling Bedding helps  in the summer and in the winter it helps balance temperature to keep you nice and comfortable. Find out more about why should...

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Cancer, Chemo and Sleeping with Hot Flashes: One Customer’s Story

One of our customers, Eileen Bradshaw, shares her story about Cancer, Chemo and Sleeping with Hot Flashes. Diagnosed with Cancer I was diagnosed with Stage 2B triple-negative breast cancer on October 5th, 2013. Now, a little over a year later, I’m happy to say that I’m in remission. When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, I was in shock. This disease doesn’t run in my family and was discovered during a routine annual breast exam so it was very unexpected. Chemotherapy After my initial biopsy is when I learned that I had triple-negative breast cancer, which is a...

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Top 10 Breast Cancer Blogs

In our month long series I have been reading blogs from different people that write on the subject of breast cancer. I have enjoyed the enlightenment they have all given me and the resources they provide to those in need of a good laugh, a good cry, some inside information on how drugs have worked for them, family life and to help you or family member cope with feelings. Here is a quick list of the Top 10 Breast Cancer Blogs, in my humble opinion. The Perks of Having Cancer! The Perks of Having Cancer! seemed a bit odd to...

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This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every month, like clockwork, I received a reminder email from my best friend, Cara, with a the subject line  “BUDDY CHECK”.   Inside this email is a sincere and genuine reminder to do my self-breast exam.  It doesn’t just come in October for Breast Cancer Awareness month, it comes every month and to me it is not only a reminder but also a virtual hug from my best pal who I don’t get to see as often as I’d like. Within each of these emails it typically contains 3 things: a reminder to do my self exam a way...

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