Quick Tips for Sleeping Through the Summer Heat

Is the summer heat causing you sleeping issues? We’ve compiled a list of quick tips to beat that summer heat: Keep your bedroom relatively dark, even in the day time.  Close the blinds in the morning so excess heat doesn’t get it. Take a shower or bath before bed; especially if you were hot and sweaty during the day. Wear light, comfortable clothes or go in your birthday suit. Limit alcohol.  Alcohol is known to heat up your system and during these hot nights, no extra heat is needed. Use a heat managing mattress pad and pillow covers (less...

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Top 5 Cool Bedding Products

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me for my opinion on the best “cooling bedding” for a better night’s rest, I’d be able to buy you all a beverage. So, I’m going to make my opinion public on what my Top 5 products are.   Before I get started, I want to remind people that these products aren’t air conditioners, these products use a technology that helps you balance temperature swings so you get a more restful night of sleep. Remember these are my opinions and are listed in order from my favorite on down....

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Top 12 Spring Cleaning Checklist

It’s Spring Break time which also means it’s time to do a deep clean on the old house.  I found this list from Martha Stewart titled, Spring Cleaning Basics.  I’ll admit, the list is good but some of them may be a little over zealous for even me.  Here is the list and my comments: Clean Windows – Ok, this is a must at our house.  I’m pretty sure they haven’t been cleaned since last spring. Dust light bulbs – Really? Wash Blinds – Another, must do… my grandmother would approve. Stock your stain fighting kit  – How about...

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The Best Bed Clothes For a Better Night’s Sleep

Choosing the best bed clothes to wear to bed can be difficult. You want to sleep comfortably without getting too hot or too cold. Follow these tips and start enjoying peaceful, refreshing slumber each and every night. Master a your bedtime routine Before we talk about bed clothes, spend some time reevaluating your sleep routine. What you wear to bed is only part of the bigger sleep picture. Make sure you get into the habit of doing the same things before bed and avoid the common pitfalls that lead to a bad night’s rest. Avoid drinking too much, and try not to use electronics right before bed. Instead, try taking a bath or reading a book, and if you feel hungry, make sure to eat a healthy late-night snack. Consider wearing your bed clothes before you actually go to bed to remind your body that it is time to relax. Also, make sure your sleep environment is primed to help you drift off to sleep by keeping your bedroom dark, cool, and quiet. Choosing the Best Bed Clothes Choose bed clothes that are made of breathable materials like cotton and silk. They will keep you cool and comfortable. Try to avoid tight-fitting bed clothes or ones with tight elastic waist bands. On the other hand, avoid bedclothes that are too loose. You don’t want to toss and turn all night...

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5 Reasons to Buy Cool Bedding In Winter

You may be tempted to throw on layer after layer of wool blankets, and down comforters in your quest to build the perfect winter nest. Resist the temptation! Here are 5 reasons to consider buying cool bedding this winter… 1). Too many layers can make you sweat in bed As you lie under all those layers your body temperature rises resulting in sweating as your body attempts to cool down. Not only is this uncomfortable, it can also lead to the chills as you begin to cool down too quickly. Instead of piling on the covers, choose bedding that will keep you close to your optimal sleep temperature. 2). Heated bedding is expensive, cool bedding is not Do you really want to spend money on a heated mattress pad that costs a fortune and contributes to your utilities bill? Temperature-regulating bedding offers a better night’s sleep compared to heated bedding, and is also affordable and environmentally friendly. 3). A comfortable bed is one that uses a cool bedding system By investing in a complete bedding set you are greatly increasing your bed’s ability to provide you with a comfortable night’s sleep. While buying a heated mattress pad will keep you warm, you can’t beat the combination of a mattress pad, sheet set, and pillow that are designed to be used together for utmost comfort! 4). Cool bedding will keep...

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