4 Reasons Why You Need To Try Slumber Clouds Mattress Pads

Recently, I have been doing a lot of research on the Outlast® technology behind Slumber Clouds products. When I first learned about Slumber Cloud, I couldn’t wait to try their products out for myself. But to be completely honest I was a little skeptical about how such a simple change would help me sleep better. I was wrong.  I decided to start with the Nacreous Mattress Pad because of its Gold + rating. I have had them on my bed for over a 2 weeks now, and boy am I impressed. Based on my experience here’s my top 4...

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Properly Launder your Slumber Cloud Bedding

I wrote a blog post back in 2013 about the right way to launder your Slumber Cloud bedding. I thought it may be a good idea to talk about it again for my new readers. First, I personally ALWAYS wash my new clothes before wearing them and I do the same for my bedding. It’s a personal preference thing but I did just read a report in the Wall Street Journal about why you should too (especially new clothing). I digress, so back to the discussion at hand:  Cleaning your Slumber Cloud bedding regularly.  This is essential for both...

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What’s better: a Mattress Pad or Mattress Protector?

Which products is best for you, the temperature Regulating Mattress Pad or Mattress protector? To start I want to discuss the difference between our mattress pads, the Nacreous and the Cirriform. Then I will discuss the mattress protector. Cirriform Mattress Pad This mattress pad has a layer of Outlast® heat managing technology that is covered with a 300 thread count, 100% cotton topper, for a soft breathable comfort. This product has a Gold rating. Nacreous Mattress Pad/products These products have a layer of the Outlast® heat managing technology but has a 350 thread count, 50% Outlast® viscose/ 50% cotton...

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6 Things to Consider when Buying a Pillow Online

If you’re considering buying a pillow online (or in store) you obviously know you won’t be able to touch and feel then in advance, so I’ve put a few things to consider during your purchasing process: Consider Your Own Size Our pillows come in a three sizes: standard, queen and king. Many couples who share a bed will use the same size pillow for both sleepers. Although two similarly sized pillows might look good on your bed, that choice might not be the best for both bodies. Instead of choosing a pillow that fits your bed, choose one that fits...

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Feeling Hot? What “Cooling Sheets” are best for you?

We get a lot of calls from potential customers looking to cool down at night with cooling bedding. For instance, this morning I spoke with a lovely lady from Louisiana name Estelle. Estelle purchased a new memory foam “type mattress” (she did not specify which kind) earlier this year and ever since she was hardly sleeping due to the heat build up.  A friend had recommended she purchase bamboo sheets so a few months ago she purchased “$120 sheets that frankly, made me even more hot!” When the sheets finally split after repeat washing, she googled cooling sheets and found...

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