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Cooling Bedding Guide: Cooling Sheets

Cooling Bedding Guide: Cooling Sheets 11 December, 2017 Cooling Bedding Guide One of the easiest bedding upgrades a person can make is new sheets, especially when you have heat issues. Overheating and night sweats are some of the most common issues causing restlessness in adults, and a set of cooling sheets can make a big difference. But, finding the best sheets can feel like a quest for the holy grail: futile and exhausting. Researching reviews and product information, navigating multiple methods of purchase, and conquering the dreaded debate over Egyptian Cotton and thread count can become a personal Odyssey....

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Reading Before Bed

Reading Before Bed The Benefits and Drawbacks A large percentage of people end their nightly bedtime rituals by laying down with some sort of reading material. These days there are many different forms that reading materials can assume, but the gold standard is still a good old-fashioned book. It is a commonly held fact that reading before bed can help the sleeper drift off into a peaceful slumber, but is this really true? 01 December The Studied Benefits of Reading While there has been a marked increase in the percentage of people who have reportedly read a book in...

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Breakfast in Bed: Pumpkin Energy Ballz

Breakfast in Bed Pumpkin Energy Ballz 10 November, 2017 Breakfast In Bed About Melissa Melissa Eboli owns a healthy cooking and wellness company called Via Melissa. She holds numerous certifications in this space, and is a certified nutritional chef and graduate from The Academy of Culinary Nutrition (2016). She is also a certified nutrition and wellness counselor from AFPA (2009) and a certified personal trainer through Hofstra Universities continuing education program and AAPTE (2009). We welcome Melissa to The Refresh as a recipe consultant and guest columnist! We teamed up with nutritional chef and personal trainer Melissa Eboli, of...

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Baby, Puppy, Kitten: Which Sleeps More?

Baby, Puppy, or Kitten: Which Sleeps More? Sometimes, when speaking with customers we use the phrase, “Sleep like a baby”, and that got us thinking. Is there something that sleeps more than a baby? This question that has plagued scientists for years, now has an answer. Our team of experts has now uncovered the truth through advanced research methods and countless hours of dedicated work. Our use of one of the most technical and complex tools known to mankind called the “interwebs search engine” has lead us to a discovery that may change the way we view babies, puppies...

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Cooling Bedding Guide: Cooling Pillow

Cooling Bedding Guide: The Cooling Pillow 20 October, 2017 Cooling Bedding Guide There’s nothing worse than waking up in a puddle of sweat; your pillow soaked through; your hair stuck to your skin. This is especially troublesome when you have flipped your pillow over to the “cool side” several times throughout the night and still remain hot. If night sweats like these sound all too familiar, a cooling pillow might be the answer to your problems. While the pillows on your bed most likely account for the smallest surface area of all the bedding items that are present, they...

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