How To Build Your Own Bedroom Oasis

If you’re anything like me, your living room is for entertaining guests, your dining room is for accommodating family, and your laundry room is a place you avoid. But your bedroom? That’s for you.

While so many of our decorating decisions in other rooms are about staying on top of trends, bedrooms should be the place we really focus on what makes us happy. From picking the perfect mattress for the way you sleep, to choosing decor in perfect harmony with your personality, your space should reflect whatever makes you feel relaxed and at home. Try these simple tips to make your bedroom an oasis.

Build a bedroom oasis

Create a bedroom oasis like this by following a few simple tips.

How to Find the Right Mattress

Bedrooms that encourage relaxation all have one thing in common: a comfortable, supportive bed. Keep in mind as you shop for mattresses that one size definitely does not fit all. The right mattress for your body can significantly improve the quality of your sleep.

One of the factors that determines what feels best to you is your favorite sleeping position. If pain relief is a priority, try a firm or extra firm innerspring mattress to eliminate pressure. People that sleep on their sides need extra cushioning for their shoulders, hips, and knees, so they might prefer cushy memory foam mattresses. Those that sleep on their backs benefit from mattresses that strike a balance between soft and hard, like euro top or pillow top models, to maintain healthy spine alignment.

“When you spend 1/3 of your life in bed, make sure you surronding yourself with the best bedding”

Size also matters. When choosing between twin, full, queen, king, and California king mattresses, take the available space into consideration. While it’s tempting to squeeze the biggest possible bed into your space, this can actually make your room feel more cramped than comfortable. Leaving a few extra feet between each piece of furniture creates plenty of space to move around freely and will actually make your bedroom look and feel larger.

Temperature regulating bedding for a bedroom oasis
Temperature regulating bedding for a bedroom oasis
Temperature regulating bedding for a bedroom oasis
Temperature regulating bedding for a bedroom oasis

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How to Pick the Perfect Bedding and Decor

Decorating your bedroom should be relaxing and fun, but, thanks to the various sheets, furniture, and wall decor on the market, it can actually become confusing and stressful. Here are a couple of factors that can narrow down your choices.

Bedding: Compare Thread Count, Style, Fabric, and Weave

When considering which sheets to buy for your bed, ask yourself what kind of look and feel you prefer. Silky or fluffy? Shiny or matte? Soft or crisp? Thread count is one factor that can affect sheets’ thickness and texture. For soft, breathable sheets, stick to sets with thread counts no lower than 200 and no higher than 800 and a high percentage of cotton. If you love shiny, silky, luxurious sheets, sateen weaves are your best bet, while those that prefer a lighter, cooler, crisper feel might prefer percale.

Bedspreads also come in different styles and weights to suit different lifestyles. Heavy, fluffy comforters are perfect for winter nights, while duvets come in thicker and thinner variations that work as comfortable blankets for either winter or fall. Quilts and coverlets can make stylish throw blankets, or the perfect, light cover for spring and summer sleeping. Or go with a temperature regulating duvet that will work hard to keep you cooler in the summer but warmer in the winter.

Decor: Mix and Match Colors and Textures

In addition to a soft, comfy bed, having a room that looks stylish and pulled together can add to your peace of mind. To create harmonious bedroom decor, try pairing solid colored rugs, curtains, sheets, pillows, or comforters with patterned pieces. Or try mixing bold prints with subtle ones for eye-catching contrast. You might be surprised how great curtains featuring a large, intricate floral print look next to bedding with subtle, refined stripes. Likewise, pillows embellished with pom poms, beads, or embroidery dress up plain linens in a snap.

Temperature regulating bedding can help you sleep cooler and more comfortable throughout the night.

“Surrond yourself with things you love. Discard the rest.”

The Best Tip for a Bedroom Oasis: Choose What Makes You Happy

While these tips may help to steer your towards comfy pieces, creating a relaxing bedroom retreat is ultimately about personalization. If you’ve heard that blue is a soothing color but you’ve fallen in love with a bright red duvet, then buy it! If you prefer all your furniture to have a sleek, simple silhouette, then make it happen! No bedroom is a good bedroom unless it makes you comfortable. Turn to to browse all your options and create a bedroom that you love.