Today is the final day of our week long series exploring sleep and athletic performance. We want to take the time to thank everyone who followed!

Best sleep products for athletes

To reach peak athletic performance, athlete’s most focus on their sleeping environment.


Every athlete knows how important the right equipment is to their performance. Now that sleep is at the forefront of your athletic routine, it’s important to make sure you have the best sleep “equipment”. Heres our picks of the best sleep products for any athlete trying to boost their performance:


How frustrating is it to constantly wake up and have to flip your pillow to the “cool side”. These pillow covers are the perfect solution. Simply zip these bad boys onto your favorite pillow and you’ll instantly have a pillow that helps you sleep at the optimal temperature. The best thing? You can easily pack these in your travel bag to bring with you to your next competition.


Sleeping in socks can feel unnatural at the beginning. However, socks can help keep your feet warm, especially if you have poor circulation. Keeping your feet warm will help your entire body properly regulate its temperature as you sleep which decreases the chance of you waking up feeling too hot or too cold. Additionally, you can get a set of sleep socks that are designed to help your muscles recover to double up on the benefits. Specially designed compression socks keep your blood pumping to recovering muscle groups and clears away the lactic acid that causes soreness.


On the topic of being too hot or cold, this mattress pad automatically adjusts to your ideal temperature to help you sleep cooler and more comfortably. Any sleep disturbance is going to hinder your body’s ability to fully recover after a workout. Reduce the number of times you wake up in sweat soaked sheets by adding a mattress pad that works as hard as you do.


A sleep mask is perfect for blocking out light as you sleep. This is especially important if you plan on taking a nap during the day to increase your athletic performance. You also can also pack it in your travel bag to help you get a little shuteye on your way to your next competition. Pair it with a quality set of earplugs to ensure you don’t have any sleep disruptions.


Some sleepers can’t sleep with a sleep mask. If that is the case, use blackout curtains to limit any sleep disturbances caused by annoying lights. Take control of your sleep environement so you make sure you are performing at your very best.


Sleepytime tea is a great, natural way to help you fall asleep as night. However, you should make sure to check the ingredients in your tea to ensure there is no caffine! One of our favorite brands is Celestial Seasonings, which is included in every Slumber Cloud Purchase!