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The Best Plants for Bedroom Sleep and Health

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Tending to plants can be a great hobby and pastime, helping reduce stress, gain a sense of accomplishment, and even help the environment. But it isn’t a realistic activity for everyone. For apartment dwellers, brown thumbs, and those who are just too dang busy, growing plants can seem like a very foreign and unattainable goal, but many houseplants need relatively little attention and produce many of the same benefits as their more needy outdoor brethren.

In fact, many houseplants are known to increase the overall health of their caretakers by cleaning the air, improving sleep cycles, and positively altering mood. Recent studies have shown that growing houseplants in the bedroom can have an extremely positive effect on an individual’s sleep and health, but not all indoor flora is created equal. Read below for a list of 6 of the best indoor plants for bedroom health and sleep.

Window Bedroom Plant

6 Houseplants for your bedroom

Dracaena D. Fragrans, D. deremensis

This easy to care for houseplant is known for its ability to clear the air and its numerous varieties. Dracaena has even been recognized by NASA as a plant known to remove toxins like Formaldehyde and Benzene from the environment. The stalks from which the long, thin leaves emerge are known as canes and can be pruned at any point, promoting outward foliage growth. This plant thrives in bright, filtered light with moderate watering, so stick it somewhat close to a window and water whenever the soil becomes dry to the touch.

Draecana Plant
Bamboo Palm Plant
Bamboo Palm Chamaedorea

The bamboo palm is a bit of a misnomer. In fact this plant is not bamboo at all, but it is one of 107 different species of palm. This is a very common houseplant that can grow with only a moderate amount of light and water and cleans the air very well. In fact, of the plants NASA tested in their Clean Air Study, the Bamboo Palm removed the most Formaldehyde from its environment.The bamboo palm is particularly wonderful for households with pets, as it is non-toxic to dogs and cats.

Peace lily Spathiphyllum

The Peace Lily is a plant that excelled in the NASA Clean Air Study. In fact, it cleaned more types of toxins from the air than any other plant. This plant has been a traditional gift in many cultures as symbol of sympathy or as a housewarming present. Peace Lilie’s size and shape make them perfect plants for bedroom decoration on a bedside table or dresser, and with regular watering and access to adequate light, it will bloom beautiful white flowers each spring. 

Peace Lily Plant
Lavender Plant
Lavender Lavendula officionalis

Lavender is known for it’s relaxing and pleasant aroma. It has been used for centuries for its calmative properties and is a common addition to herbal remedies and natural sleep aids. The unharvested lavender plant varies a great deal in the size and shape depending on the specific type of lavender you find, but studies have shown that the aroma of lavender in a designated sleep space can help to ease individuals into a naturally deep sleep. So keeping this plant on your night stand might help you wake up feeling more refreshed and energized. The scent of lavender is pleasant, unique and pungent, making them perfect plants for bedroom air freshening.

Jasmine J. polyanthum.

Like Lavender, Jasmine has been known to promote a state of relaxation in relation to its aroma. It has been used as a means of brightening scent in air freshening and cleaning products, and certain studies have found Jasmine Oil to be stimulating and arousing when used in Aromatherapy situations. This dicotomy between relaxation and stimulation make jasmine a very interesting plant to keep near your bed. Keep Jasmine in cool temperatures and near a window to help it grow and bloom. Indoor Jasmine plants actually benefit from spending time outdoors in partial sun occasionally as well. 

Jasmine Plant
Snake Plant
Snake plant  Sansevieria

This plant gets its moniker from its long, shiny foliage that remind some of legless reptiles. These plants are known for being hardy, and a breeze to care for. Water them when their soil gets dry and keep them in moderate lighting conditions and they will be happy. This plant made it to the list of NASA reviewed air cleaning plants as well, so you can rest assured that you are breathing cleaner air with the snake plant around.

A Note on Buying Plants

For more information on houseplants, and to purchase your plants for bedroom wellness, we recommend finding a local shop. There are many online retailers selling houseplants at a reasonable price, but often the shipping and handling process does not have a positive impact on the health of the plant. Most hardware stores and some department stores will have a garden section with a relatively good selection of houseplants, but often these plants are treated with nutrients and chemicals designed to produce flowers and immediate growth. This makes them look healthy, when in fact the nutrients are being pulled away from most of the plant and pushed towards flowers. You are often better off finding an honest local grower.

Nurseries and local plant shops can be hard to find, but with a little digging, you will be rewarded with healthy, long lasting plants that pass the test of time.

When shopping, look for lots of green foliage that is full and healthy. Each plant is going to have unique aesthetic characteristics that can be telling of health. These characteristics can be found through a little online research into the plants in question.

Do you have any recommendations for plants for bedroom decoration? What do you think about the plants we’ve chosen? Leave a comment below and start the discussion.


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