Summer is breathing its last dying breath, and that means the kiddos are headed back to school. For many of you, a few back to school sleep tips can help you get them get back into that school routine. I want to give you some back to school sleep tips that will not only help them juggle all the things they have to do, but also help them sleep soundly at night.

Notice when they are feeling stressed:

Just like us adults, when they get stressed out from all the things they have to do, after school activities, and that huge test coming up, it can negatively impact their sleep. A lot of times, your kids might not even bring up the fact that they are feeling stressed. It’s important for parents to notice when their children are feeling the pressure from school. Don’t write off that cough, or cold as a minor ailment, it might actually be the result of stress. Also look for a change in behavior. If they act out or are reluctant to even go to school, the stress might be piling up. One great tip is to look at their fingernails. If they are chewed off, you might want to sit them down and ask them what is bothering them.

Give them a quiet place to work:

Help your children be productive by setting up a quiet place that’s specifically used to study and do homework. The TV and the abundance of apps can be a huge distraction for your kids. When there is little to no distractions, your children are more likely to work quickly and efficiently, allowing them to spend time on other pursuits. And if you don’t have extra space, maybe take them to the library. By getting all their work done, they can rest easy at night instead of worrying about all the things that need to be done the next day.

Help them manage their schedules:

I know we all would love a kid who is the school valedictorian, star quarterback, and who volunteers at the local shelter every week, but the truth is, involving your kid in too many activities can be too much for them to handle. In between extracurricular activities, studying for class, and having a social life, there simply isn’t enough time in the day for your kids to do it all. One of the biggest sources of stress for kids is simply packing too much into a day. Make sure you ask your kids on a regular basis if they are feeling overloaded. Simply talking through their responsibilities and helping them create an “attack” plan can help them manage their stress.

Make sure they are getting enough sleep:

Maybe you set a bedtime, establish a bedtime routine, or specially outfit your kid’s bedroom. Whatever it is, just know that about 1/3 of children don’t get the recommended amount of sleep. The lack of sleep can not only affect their stress levels, it can also have a negative impact on their health. One great tip is to limit when their exposure to electronics before bed. Sleep experts recommend turn off the electronics at least an hour before bed to help start the sleep transition.

By limiting the stress in your children’s lives, you can help them get the rest they need to tackle the next day. It’s amazing how a few small changes can completely change your kid’s ability to sleep soundly at night. If you have any tips of your own, please feel free to share them here.


Rest Easy,