We made a new friend in Karen Alpert who featured and reviewed our bedding products! Not only is she the New York Times bestselling author of I Heart My Little A-Holes, she also operates one of the most popular and hilarious mommy blogs on the internet, Baby Sideburns. Read on to learn more!

Karen Albert - I Heart My Little A-Holes
OK, before I tell the story,  it  may  come as no surprise that I get excited easily. Cards/letters in the mail from friends (excited), date night (excited), a day out with my toddlers and no tantrums are thrown (Excited), a freshly opened bottle of wine (excited), Nordstrom Half yearly sale (excited), doing Random Acts of Kindness (super excited), you get the point.

Well this one takes the cake on the excited level. My favorite blogger, Baby Sideburns (Karen Alpert, THE  New York Times Best Selling Author of the hilarious book, I Heart My Little A-Holes) likes our bedding products! Not that I didn’t think she would like them, but she liked them so much that she wrote a post about her experience using our Cirriform Mattress Pad and Pillow Covers. Here is what she wrote (RATED PG-13 for some Adult language):

ME: Damn, it’s cold.

(No response)

ME: Honey, don’t you think it’s cold in here?

HUBBY: No. You say this every night.

Karen Albert - BabySideburns

Karen showing us that she got her package and getting ready for a good night’s sleep!

ME: But tonight it really feels cold. I wonder if the heat went out again.

(No response)

ME: Maybe we should check the thermostat.

HUBBY: Is that your way of telling me to go downstairs to check the thermostat?

ME: Good idea. Thanks honey.

(comes back upstairs)

HUBBY: It’s 71. Like it always is.

ME: Wow, then it really is just me.

Isay as I put on long sleeves and heavy pants over my nightgown and then warm my hands between the blubber of my thighs.

ME: Goodnight honey.

HUBBY: Brrrr, ’night.

(Three hours later)

ME: Holy crap, it’s like a sauna in here. I feel like I’m sleeping in Hell.

I say as I’m stripping off my long sleeves and my pants and stick my leg outside the blanket to tryyyy to get cooler. Seriously I’m like sleeping in a pool of sweat.

HUBBY: It’s 71.

ME: No wayyyy, something is definitely wrong with the thermostat.

HUBBY: Nothing is wrong. Goodnight.

I don’t know WTF happened to me, but somewhere between getting old and having kiddos, my body’s internal thermostat boarded a roller coaster at Six Flags and won’t get off. But I just found out about the most badass company ever last week. Well, it’s not as badass as Target maybe, but it’s pretty F’ing cool. It’s called Slumber Cloud (www.SlumberCloud.com) and it has a cure for people with TFP (Temperature Fluctuation Problem). I totally made that shit up but it sounds real, right?

So they use this crazy technology from NASA called Outlast that helps control temperature while you sleep. I shit you not. This mattress pad stores your extra heat when you’re hot and then releases it back out when you start to get colder. At least I think that’s how it works. I’m not a scientist. Alls I know is I’ve been using it for the past week and I am AMAZED. I haven’t had to sleep with my leg sticking out or steal the covers from my husband. Not that I do that. I mean he says I do, but he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Now if I could just get Holden to stop waking my ass up three times a night. Aggghhhh, you’re 2 ½, sleep through the night damn it!!! Awww shit, could Holden have TFP too? Oh, I am totally buying one of these mattress pads for his bed.

So seriously, if you have TFP like me (and Holden maybe), go to Slumber Cloud and check out their shit. And by shit I mean awesome products. I even spoke to the person who runs things there and they gave us a code to get a discount. Just type in BSSleep to get 15% off. Yayyyy, coupons!

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Thank you, Karen, for your genuine post about our products.  We are grateful for you spreading the word about  our products and for helping others get a more restful night sleep.