Author: Willy Madison

My 5 Favorite Bedtime Stories    

I dedicate this blog post to my parents. I grew up as the 4th of 5 boys in my family. One of my fondest memories would be story time. Every night one of my parents would come to every boy’s room and read a bedtime story. It was just part of our bedtime routine. We always had piles of books lying around, but out of the hundreds of books my parents read to me, the ones that I still remember to this day are these: My 5 Favorite Bedtime Stories: Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak The Little Mouse and...

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Sleep Deprivation is No Joke

Sleep deprivation is no joke. Most of us have heard the toll that sleep deprivation takes on our bodies, including high blood pressure, added inches to the waistline, and even the impacts on the mind. Even though most of us know that sleep deprivation impacts our health, why do only about 30% of us get the recommended amount of sleep each night? The more that I learn about sleep deprivation the more it makes me want to change my sleep habits, and this Infographic courtesy of Ashutosh at is a great place to start. There are two tips...

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4 Reasons Why You Need To Try Slumber Clouds Mattress Pads

Recently, I have been doing a lot of research on the Outlast® technology behind Slumber Clouds products. When I first learned about Slumber Cloud, I couldn’t wait to try their products out for myself. But to be completely honest I was a little skeptical about how such a simple change would help me sleep better. I was wrong.  I decided to start with the Nacreous Mattress Pad because of its Gold + rating. I have had them on my bed for over a 2 weeks now, and boy am I impressed. Based on my experience here’s my top 4...

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3 Tips to Keep Your Cat Asleep at Night

This one goes out to my fellow feline friends. For my first blog post I wanted to introduce myself, along with a recent problem I’ve had to deal with. Although I love both dogs and cats a few years ago I decided to adopt a kitten. All was well between the two of us until I recently, when I moved into a studio apartment. In the past my cat, Athena, has been allowed to freely roam the house, but now when she roams the apartment, she wakes me up multiple times a night. After doing a little research, I...

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